The moment in which our children begin to read and write is very important in their lives, something almost vital, because their future and their education will depend on it . That is why it is so important that as parents we accompany and support them in the process.

Reading and writing are basic and fundamental skills that they will have to master sooner or later, and they can be a real challenge for the little ones . Involving yourself in the process will be very useful to your children or students, and it will also make you have great moments and enjoy each other’s company.

Working with the syllables and repeating the phonemes over and over again, if possible in an exaggerated way and lengthening as much as possible when pronouncing, we can achieve great results little by little. By working and repeating, the children will recognize the syllables and will be aware of which words they form and how many times they have heard them.

Practice and perseverance are the basis of skill and personal progress , and we must not forget it, not even when we are so tired that we do not want to spend time on anything except the sofa. Motivating children is essential so that they do not get discouraged and want to stop learning, and our example is very important for this.

The effective process of literacy

Representing the spelling of letters and their phonemes , that is, their sound, is a good exercise for the little ones to learn to read and write by identifying what they want to say. You can represent the letters that give shape to those words that name the parts of our body, for example, since they are elements that children are quite familiar with from a very, very young age, while identifying exercise as just another game.

You can also work on literacy with the animals, applying the word you want to its graphic representation, and adding mimicry exercises to help the child identify it and have a good time at the same time.

Learning to read and write is a process that in the long run will not only bring such skills as a benefit, but also many others such as patience, perseverance, the ability to observe, a taste for imagination and everything creative , or the ability of discovery and improvement.

Literacy constitutes, in this way, a magic door to knowledge and the world in general, and a fundamental tool to ensure that these crazy little people can discover this world with their own eyes, their own experience and their own ability to think.

Let us accompany children in their reading and writing learning process, and above all, let us not force them to advance in this field or to become the fastest or the best. Remember that their future depends largely on these skills, and therefore forcing the situation could only have negative consequences in the process.


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