Can you work from the earliest childhood using the theory of multiple intelligences ? The answer is yes, because babies are capable of absorbing all the information that we provide them and have a real craving for knowledge, which can be used to optimally carry out learning with them, in which effective communication is the key. .


Progressive and continuous learning from birth

If intelligence is taken as a capacity or a skill that can be developed as such, without discarding of course the genetic component that both mom and dad bring to their baby at birth, these potentialities will develop throughout the life of the child. small influenced by the environment, the education that is given, the experiences they live and / or the family and cultural context. In this way, continuous and progressive teaching can be exercised from the moment a child opens his eyes to the world.


The emergence of so-called multiple intelligences

25 years ago, Professor Howard Gardner from Harvard University published his theory on the eight different types of intelligences, which do not operate in isolation, but rather combine with each other to carry out different tasks.

Linguistic intelligence, mathematical logical intelligence, spatial intelligence, kinetic body intelligence, musical intelligence, interpersonal intelligence, intrapersonal and natural intelligence, are the different types of intelligences that Gardner classified and that each person possesses in a different degree of intensity.


Promoting specific and personal learning

By being able to determine the child’s profile from an early age, a greater and better development of each of their intelligences can be achieved, since the capacities that allow them to develop those intelligences whose development potential is less than the others will be stimulated.

The teaching method could also be determined by the type of intelligence that stands out the most , and thus have a better understanding of things. For example, if a baby has a better development of spatial intelligence, he will react positively to more visual learning than to other types of learning.

In short, with Gardner’s theory we want to achieve that education, from the earliest childhood, points to the integral development of each of the eight intelligences , determining the potential that each little one has and being able to determine what is the best way that it can develop in the world in an integral way and adapting to its own way of learning.

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