Origin of the School Day of Non-violence and Peace

frases del dia de la paz On January 30, the School Day of Non-violence and Peace (DENIP ) is celebrated thanks to the Spanish teacher Llorenç Vidal , who through an unprecedented, non-governmental and completely independent initiative, manages to establish this date with a wonderful objective : make school on this day an instrument of peace and communication between people regardless of their origin or thought.

It was in 1964 when this proposal was recognized, with great merit, since neither in Spain nor abroad was there anything similar. Through thick and thin it remained through the years surviving difficult circumstances and thus becoming the most important pioneering Peacekeeping Education experience of our time.

Recognized by the Ministry of Education and Science, through the Ministerial Order of November 29, 1976, it was not until 1993 that UNESCO officially considered it.

The reason for this date is not accidental because it was on January 30, 1948 when a Hindu fanatic shot and killed the national and spiritual leader of India, Mahatma Gandhi , leaving a huge void in the hope of many people. However, the message of peace of this figure, without whom the twentieth century cannot be understood, has transcended to this day and is physically perpetuated in schools and institutions through all kinds of activities in this important celebration.


Some steps of Gandhi

Gandhi Let us recall some data from Gandhi’s life to understand his greatness: he was born in Porbandar, India, in 1869, graduated in law in England and settled in South Africa fighting the discrimination that Indians were subjected to. He returns to India and it is when he organizes a non-violent resistance (the fundamental principle of his philosophy, based on religion, was non-violence) against colonialism and non-cooperation with the English administration. It tries to stop the confrontations between Hindus and Muslims that take place after independence in August 1947, since the British colonialists demand as a condition to withdraw their troops the division of India into two states, India and Pakistan, one Hindu and the other Muslim. Already in 1937 he was the leader of an independence movement capable of mobilizing or detaining millions of Indians, which cost him entry to jail on multiple occasions and made him a benchmark for peaceful and tireless resistance.

Returning to the value of this celebration in the educational environment today, we fail to qualify what it means for children to live and work dynamically peace and their relationship of respect for the diversity of others. It is a great little seed in their education for life, which is, after all, what should define the school: their desire to teach to live together in a peaceful and empathetic society. The message that this special day calls out is: Universal Love, Non-violence and Peace . Universal Love is better than selfishness, Non-violence is better than violence and Peace is better than war. ‘

And now, after knowing the how and why of the School Day of Non-violence and Peace, we can and must contribute from home by teaching our children that violence is never the way to go, promoting dialogue as a vital resource and celebrating the difference with other people, because it truly is what enriches the world we live in.


Peace phrases to share

On a day like today, it can be very useful or appealing to look for phrases in which peace and its value and importance are discussed, and even more so if they have been pronounced by world leaders and complete referents of the struggle for peace. and non-violence , as is the case with Gandhi.

When what we are looking for is that the little ones understand what peace means and the amount of important and positive values that can be linked to it, it is very useful to work with cards or cards with messages like the ones we add in this article. Educational images of peace with famous phrases ideal to share, print or use to make school murals.

In short, phrases of peace made with unique , tender and childish designs that will delight the little ones and help them to immerse themselves in the magic and greatness of Peace.


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