When children spend all their free time at home , they suffer a disorder called nature deficit , which is a pathology suffered by most children of this century, who no longer enjoy outdoor games as much as they used to, an experience that helped them to face difficulties and take very important risks in training and development.

But playing outdoors not only frees the little ones from this deficit of nature, but also prevents diseases such as obesity, and helps control and improve the symptoms of those children who suffer from hyperactivity .


The importance of the outdoors for motor skills

Enjoying free time with your children is something that many times cannot be carried out due to the many responsibilities that lie in wait for us, that is why it is so important to make the most of this time and do it in the best possible way. This is just the time when you should go out and do outdoor activities as a family that help develop motor skills . These activities can be related to running, swimming, jumping, etc., since all this can help them to work, develop and stretch the muscles, also achieving resistance in the bones and favoring the growth of the limbs.

But in addition to these fun and essential activities, we can encourage and collaborate in the development of other skills that are just as basic and necessary. For this we recommend three essential toys in the development and play of children outside the home:

  • Bicycle without pedals: with this fun and particular type of bicycle you will help your children to handle a normal bike much more easily , as well as to have a great time. On the other hand, you will also be helping them to develop motor skills that are related to the coordination of the feet and hands , a basic skill necessary for them to later enjoy their first pedal bike. If you still do not know it, nor can you imagine how incredible it can be to watch them learn to use this bike and run like crazy with it everywhere for the first time.
  • Micro scooter : this type of scooter is designed in conjunction with pediatricians to help the psychomotor development of children , because thanks to its turning system, driving becomes much more fascinating and entertaining. For a reason it is one of the most popular toys of recent years! And not only for the smallest, because the scooter is increasingly present in large European cities as a means of transport, fast, ecological and very economical.
  • Magnetic blocks: you might think that we have forgotten the development of the smallest ones, babies, but nothing like that! Babies need to enjoy the outdoors just like other children, and there are safe and appropriate activities for them too. It is right at this moment when you should care the most about the development of motor skills . In their first months of life, babies begin to hold everything with their hands, for which you can help them work with magnetic blocks. Its beautiful colors will catch your eye and its fun magnetized shapes will generate fun games. Thanks to the fact that they can also glue them to each other, they will easily be able to develop their grasping ability and let their imagination fly by creating fun mini constructions with which to learn hundreds of things.

Go ahead and discover everything your baby can do with them!


Follow our simple recommendations and organize activities and games for your children with which to enjoy the outdoors. Your body and mind… they will thank you.

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