The learning process to read and write is a process that goes hand in hand and takes time to perfect. At first it is not important that children have perfect handwriting, as their style will appear over time. However, as parents and teachers we must worry about providing children with all the means and conditions so that they progressively improve the letter. And here are some tricks that will help you with this task.


  1. Slope of the child’s posture when writing

One of the causes of poor handwriting in children is adopting an incorrect posture when writing. Make sure that the child’s back is straight and correctly supported on the back of the chair. Both arms should be on the table and, if the chair is too low for the table, put cushions so that it has a greater height.

  1. Verify that the pencil tip is correct

Whether children write with a pencil or a pen, it is important that it has a suitable point. This tip should slide easily when writing and should be fine and easy to write.

  1. Provide lined sheets

The lined notebook sheets are necessary for children who are learning to write, since one of the difficulties at the beginning is to control the size of the letter. This will allow the child to do important practices to keep the letter straight.

  1. Encourage the child to do it well and not to do it fast

Most children may feel that their parents and teachers are looking for them to finish their activities quickly. Explain that the important thing when learning is not to do it quickly but to do it well. Allow him to take his time and congratulate him when he has succeeded.

  1. Focus on calligraphy at first, not spelling

When children are learning to write, it is normal for them to make mistakes in their penmanship and their spelling at the same time. Although you can correct both, it is important that you do not focus so much on the spelling, there will be time to improve it. At this first moment focus on calligraphy.

  1. Stimulates reading and expression with pictures

The natural thing is that we think of pictures when we hear a word because the expression in text is not natural, but learned. That is why it is important that at the beginning it does not go against the natural and let the children express themselves with graphics and relate those graphics with sounds of voice and text.


With these simple tricks, you will surely get children to improve their bad handwriting. Have you already put any of them into practice?

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There is no doubt that they are good advice but I never found the information for an adequate hold of the pencil or pen the position of the fingers and the hand when writing is also an important key to be able to have a better writing and about this you do not speak Jesus

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