The stimuli that an adult can give children are essential for their development. A child will always do his homework better if his parents support him and encourage him to do it . And it is that the little ones always want to learn new things, and that is why it is important that at home parents encourage them to know and seek their skills , those that are often hidden. To achieve this, just a word of encouragement is enough, since with it the children will be able to continue learning and striving in their daily tasks with greater ease and encouragement.


Things you can do to get your kids motivated

  • Say to your children phrases like, “How nice that picture was!” This way they will want to draw again without questioning whether they are doing it right or wrong.
  • Encourage your children to want to spend time doing activities like playing ball. If parents give them support in this regard, they will relate to the sport as if it were a game. Try playing too!
  • Motivate your children to learn to enjoy nature . You can do this in a way as simple as showing them how beautiful it is to spend time with animals, flowers or trees on a Sunday morning, for example.


How the Rewards System Can Help Education

Rewards help the child to cultivate good habits as well as appropriate behavior. But yes, these should not consist of simple gifts but rather frequent and reasoned compliments or “pats” on the back. These acts of reinforcement should be done frequently , because if they are sporadic they will not help the child’s learning.

It is important that the child strives to achieve his goals, but as a father or mother you should never demand more of him than he can really give. Every parent should avoid harming their child by asking for things and tasks that they are unable to do. When it comes to teaching, there is nothing better than a wise and good reward and that depends on you, do not forget it.

Praise your child when he orders his toys, for example, as this is a nice educational reward. Demand things and tasks from him that he is able to do, otherwise your child could develop insecurities and feelings of dissatisfaction and inferiority.

We can also set up a rewards system at meal times. When he can eat alone or alone, do not forget to congratulate the effort. Rewards and congratulations help children grow up safe and happy.

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