The Covid-19 virus is advancing more and more throughout the world, making us reflect and forcing us to stop short of our lives. Also those of the smallest, who are still unable to understand the depth of the situation , show better than anyone the most positive and friendly side of ourselves, as well as a greater capacity to adapt to adverse circumstances.

We educate our little ones, we provide them with all the necessary tools so that they can grow and develop little by little in society … but no one ever prepares us for truly extreme situations, those in which parents also lose their nerves and before which they do not know How to react.

The situation seems to want to immerse us in a different world, slower, confined to our houses (and whoever is lucky enough to have it) waiting for everything to change and return to normal. Perhaps it is the best time to enjoy that time, those minutes that seem to fly under normal circumstances. Also, to be aware that, as parents or adults, not everything is always at hand or under our control. It is also good that children are aware of this, which could in the long run reduce the number of tantrums or capricious anger.



Situations and challenges like the one the whole world is facing today, highlight other very important things, such as the need to educate in values such as commitment, patience, solidarity, empathy or responsibility. Skills that we should all without exception work on, both at home and at school, because it is never a lost effort. Sharing family time in the best possible way will be another challenge , and now life offers us that opportunity, never seen before, to make up for lost time with our family and to treasure new hopes, challenges and more valuable future goals. , like those hugs lost in the past that may come true and multiply by a hundred very soon, when everything passes.

In short, dreaming and making plans for a better world, much more supportive and aware of the importance of taking advantage of every minute of our lives.



How to face and place children in this new stage

Yes, it seems that a terrible virus has had to reach the planet so that we are finally aware of many things, such as the importance of maintaining a high level of daily hygiene , washing our hands very frequently, for example, with soap and water. . Simple gestures that many times we forgot due to those odious rush and that frantic pace to which we are accustomed.



For this reason, today more than ever, it is very important to teach routines and good advice to the little ones, which can be done through fun dynamics, stories made especially for children, games…. The days at home (because #yomequedoencasa ) can be a good camp to practice and to acquire new ways of living and relating to the world , and doing activities as simple as the one we propose here with Mario Bross, ideal for children can also be aware of preventive measures and good habits.



Now let’s paint together with the little pretty pictures to decorate the windows and cheer up other less accompanied people (there are many initiatives that have been organized in different countries, with smiles or rainbows of a thousand colors); Let’s go to the windows to sing or to thank all those who cannot confine themselves to their homes because they have to work and help others ; Let’s read stories, let’s play… let’s dream, as the little ones always do, with all the good things that are yet to come. A world full of magic and hope, like the one that shines in the eyes of children, who teach us so much; a planet full of millions of bubbles or soap bubbles, capable of protecting us, making us happy, and ending any virus that dares to approach us again.



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