Just as children need spaces for relaxation and fun, they also need suitable environments for learning and study . These spaces do not have to be designed for work alone, but also so that parents can interact with them and serve as a guide when they need it, as well as when they want to be accompanied by friends and colleagues when establishing knowledge or to carry out some work that they have been entrusted.

And it is that young children need help and support in this very important task that is education and the development of their skills and knowledge necessary for the future. Therefore, we want you to know that as a father, mother or older brother / sister, you can help the little ones in the house without this help becoming a tactic to quickly finish your own tasks. Do you want to know how?


Guidelines to guide and accompany the little ones during the study

  • Make sure daily study routines are established. Having a more or less fixed and daily study schedule will help your child take seriously the important task of studying and preparing for the future. It is not about overwhelming or over-demanding, but about understanding, as happens for example with the task of brushing teeth, that studying and spending time practicing school learning is essential. Try to be by their side and remain attentive to their doubts and concerns, otherwise, children may end up associating this routine with something unpleasant and annoying, which would undoubtedly constitute a great blocking element.
  • Find a suitable space for work. The spaces and their characteristics, always in relation to their functionality, are key to the success of any task or objective. That is why you should carefully choose your children’s room and indicate in it the most suitable space, based on criteria such as lighting or comfort, for work and concentration. Make sure that other aspects are fulfilled in this space, such as the absence of noise and the space for the practice of less theoretical and more creative disciplines, such as crafts or drawing.
  • Take time to eat healthy and rest. Children from a young age have to be aware that eating healthy and resting the appropriate hours is essential to be able to perform later during the day and to be able to do all those things that we love so much. These types of practices promote discipline and positive obedience, which will make it easier over time for the children themselves to have a sense of responsibility regarding their work and study hours. Therefore, if you want to help your children to study, do not forget to check that they eat and sleep correctly.
  • Practice interesting teaching strategies with your children. It is important that, if we want children to learn, we do not stop adults from doing so and we put our effort into finding novel and attractive strategies to motivate them and help them study. Books, internet pages … there are many resources that we have today and the sources from which we can draw to obtain a thousand and one ideal resources to facilitate the important task of study. And … that you are their support in this search, it is absolutely fundamental, do not forget it.

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