Importancia del reciclaje en la infancia That children are the future is clear to us, but that we do not know what kind of future awaits them or what world we are going to leave them, it is a question that we should think about carefully.

So good it will be that we create “green” conscience from a very young age. Maybe you think that it is exaggerated and you can wait a few years for it to grow, but nothing is further from the truth: the high pollution in cities, the rivers and seas used as landfills indiscriminately, hundreds of species of animals that will become extinct in a few years … The truth is that with this scenario it does seem necessary to educate children prepared to combat this brutal looting of the planet. Children who grow up realizing that plastic takes too long to degrade to use 5 minutes, or who are very aware that water is a treasure and must be cared for as such.


How to do it?

From our home, of course. It does not matter what we have around us, here the “Think globally, act locally” prevails, so all the members of the family get to work.


Where do we start?

Well, for the garbage, obviously. First it is about generating the least amount of garbage possible. This is achieved by limiting disposable materials to the maximum: change plastic bags for cloth bags, do not use cutlery or plastic or paper dishes, buy large food containers and even food that can be in bulk, taking our own tupperware to transport it . If we approach this task as a game, we will be surprised by the ideas that the little one can have to reduce litter. There are many and they are all worth.

Second, try to recycle as much as possible. This happens by separating the garbage correctly: plastics, paper, glass and organic. With organic we can compost (compost) if we have plants. On the internet we will find the steps to achieve it and the children will love to see how the waste is transformed into fertile soil.


How else can we contribute to help the environment?

Reuse is the key word, give things more than one use. Save resources such as water, electricity, energy. Make children aware of what it means not to repair things and then throw them away and buy new models. Let them know that unbridled consumerism is destroying the planet that is our home.

A great idea and with more and more presence is recycling clothes: buying second-hand clothes. Find out where there is a store nearby and go with your children. Take the opportunity to donate or sell the clothes you no longer use and buy clothes in good condition at lower prices.

And finally… Be an example for the little ones in the house. If they constantly see that you care about the planet taking measures such as the ones we have detailed or many others that can be implemented, rest assured that they will do it without any effort because they have not known another way of living. That is why it is so important that their routine as children be to recycle to make their future world a little more beautiful and clean.

Do you dare to raise awareness?


niña reciclando


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