What you need to know to work in classes with special needs

Working with special education students can be challenging, but also very rewarding. However, sometimes facing this task raises many doubts and concerns that can be difficult to resolve.

But, regardless of the doubts, it is important that those who aspire or are preparing for special education teachers are fully committed to their work, since it is not a career that requires a half effort. By having the right attitude and being willing or willing to work, one will always be well on the way to work in this demanding and wonderful profession .

This means that, when considering almost any career path, it helps to have a clear vision of what one will find along the way, and that is why we have created this article, so that it can be of help to all those who are next. school year they will have to teach in groups with special educational needs .





What you will experience teaching groups with special needs

Teaching students with special educational needs is not something easy, and things like stress or paperwork can make you feel like you are losing control or patience on many occasions, but at those times is precisely when you should keep in mind that it is about one of the most satisfying and rewarding jobs in the world .


  • There will be times of great stress

Stress is unavoidable in most teaching jobs, but especially when teaching special education students, no matter how talented you are as a teacher. Students with special needs often require more attention , so teachers are always susceptible to being too scarce.

It is important that teachers and other special education officials ensure that there is sufficient coverage for each student in each class, in order to help prevent dangerous situations, among other things. In addition to having enough help, a special education teacher needs to be able to stay calm to keep things from getting out of hand . Remember that in cases like autism, many children need to express their desires or needs by shouting, so such reactions cannot “unhinge” a teacher. Children, despite their reactions, need to feel safe and loved with their teachers as well.


  • You will be a teacher and a guide

A special education teacher is more than a classroom teacher… he or she is an advocate for the community and a liaison for the services that will make that child successful in life, not just in school. Your title may read “special education teacher,” but there are many unofficial duties that come with the job . And you are not only a teacher, but an advocate, a coordinator and a counselor.

Things like counseling and / or communicating with the parents of such children with special needs is an important and fundamental part of the job. Don’t forget that parents, unlike special education teachers, don’t have specialized training and may need to draw on your expertise.


  • You will have much more paperwork

Grading follow-up assignments and scores goes hand in hand with teaching, but when it comes to working as a special education teacher it is important to know that the usual paperwork is likely to get much more overwhelming than traditional teachers. .

Individualized education plans for students with special needs mean that you will likely spend a considerable amount of time working to measure the progress of each student. Consequently, it will be essential to be able to find a balance between your work and your private life .

Also, while these individualized plans will require additional work, it is important to remember their purpose. Students with special needs cannot be expected to learn and progress at a uniform rate, which is why these plans help establish and track learning goals and objectives appropriate to the needs of each student.


  • You won’t find “typical” students

Part of the challenge of being a special education teacher is managing the wide variety of students and their abilities. For example, a child who does not speak will need a completely different approach to education than a student with Attention Deficit / Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). This requires teachers to be flexible in their teaching styles while also being able to keep their expectations of their students realistic.

Many people assume that students in special education classes have only emotional or behavioral problems, disregarding their potential or ability to learn, which is far from the truth.





  • Having fun will be crucial

Addressing the emotional component of learning for a student with special needs is very important. You will find that you accomplish more when you commit to recognizing that education should be a good experience for the child , as well as an enjoyable, beautiful, and fun experience.

It is very likely that you have had to go through more than one boring class in your life, so try to remember them for a moment. Boredom drains the energy out of a classroom and can be a real detriment to student learning, especially if it ends for those with special educational needs.


  • It will all be worth it

There is nothing more satisfying than watching a child learn something new and the way you do it can change their self-esteem and confidence. Don’t let the frustration and stress that comes with being a special education teacher fool you, because there will also be endless rewarding moments , like when you see your students succeed and improve.

But the reward of a job well done will not always come from the satisfaction of the progress of the students, since the gratitude of the parents will also be common in this work. And it is that nobody like parents themselves to know how overwhelming and difficult it can be to see the progress in their little ones.


By keeping all of these points clear and in mind, as well as your passion for this important and necessary work, you will be prepared to work effectively with students with special needs . And do not worry, because in the lowest moments that occur, the children themselves will be in charge of returning your smile with their love and with their motivation and effort. Without a doubt the trip will be worth it …

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