Find out which are the best toys according to their age

Giving a child is sometimes complicated, it is too easy to get lost among the immense offer on the market, that’s why we bring you these recommendations according to their age and evolution . We hope you find it very useful!


The toys that help you discover your body, your environment and distinguish different textures, shapes and colors are perfect. The five senses are very busy processing the valuable information they receive every minute. Rattles, unbreakable crib mirrors, mobiles, rubber dolls, soft balls with sounds, teethers, activity mats, bath toys, cloth books, etc. You will love them!


The baby is already able to sit up and even takes its first steps, learns to chew, begins to explore objects, recognizes voices and even attends to their name. The ideal toys are the sound ones, and that stimulate movement such as balls of all sizes, rag dolls, musical instruments, tentetiesos, seesaws and walkers.

13-24 MONTHS

Children at this age walk and begin to speak. The relationship with the environment is one of curiosity and absolute interaction. They push objects and play alone. Cause and effect toys like stackable cubes, large legos, and activity tables are very successful. Also ride-ons and simple puzzles.


They already express themselves, ask for things and imitate familiar scenes, so toys that imitate everyday objects such as kitchen utensils, gardening, tools … Tricycles, buckets and shovels, puzzles, legos, paintings, dolls, are very appropriate. modeling clay, music, cars, ramps. Anything that involves manual skills to achieve the goal is fine.


The child asks questions, plays with his friends and begins to have his autonomy . Bicycle, dominoes, more difficult puzzles, simple and competitive board games such as goose, ludo, cards … Theater, makeup, visual memory games, constructions, coloring books, blackboard, dolls with clothes and accessories are very appropriate.


You already read and write, add and subtract. A microscope is a great idea. Skateboards, remote-controlled cars, manual games, skill games like mikado or questions and experiments . Also strategy such as naval battle, puppets, sewing set, painting or cooking supervised by an adult.

9-11 YEARS

They begin to go out alone with their friends in what has been the prelude to adolescence. Anything that reaffirms their personality and makes them excel is good : skates, balls, rackets, games of strategy and reflection, music, experiments and models are some ideas.


Little by little the desire to play disappears and it is time to define his personality. Trained books that they identify with is always a hit. They are beginning to have hobbies: photography, drawing, writing, sports, music, cinema … It is convenient to find out what they like and give them according to their interests.

To finish two important notes: books are the perfect gift at any age, you just have to make sure that it is suitable for the child’s years. Finally, say that toys stimulate development , but it is the parents who lead this growth, so let’s play and share with our children, nephews, grandchildren or neighbors. Let’s be the fuse that ignites curiosity and enjoy every minute we have lived.

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