Writing is a means of artistic expression, as is painting, music or dance. It is a way of expressing our inner world, our way of seeing life, of expressing our reality … It is even a way of revealing ourselves to the unfair scenarios that arise in life. That is why writing should never be seen as an obligation, even if our school systems establish it as one of the predominant evaluation channels.

Writing should always be seen as a means of expression to find harmony and inner peace , or at least this is what creative writing is looking for. If this goal can be achieved, then the benefits will be many and invaluable for the good of children now and in the future.





Benefits of practicing creative writing


  • Vocabulary is expanded

Children, through writing, find themselves in the task of looking for words to express emotions that are not always clear in everyday language. They will also be forced to construct sentences in order with subject, verb and predicate, which undoubtedly helps the little ones to express themselves better also orally.


  • Emotions are described

Depending on the chosen literary genre, the child is forced to describe emotions, as in the case of the novel. And this is a benefit for the understanding and emotional control of the child himself.


  • Empathy develops

Creating characters forces children to imagine the lives and thoughts of the people around them, whom they can easily identify through those symbolic characters that literature and writing provide. In addition, depending on the age of the child in question, they will also be able to think about the causes and consequences of their behaviors , which is also very beneficial to understand others, such as their colleagues and friends.


  • Spelling is improved

Whether due to attention to detail or an unconscious memory, writing allows children to visualize how correct writing is at other times as well. This means that creative writing can be used to improve spelling, without this being the main objective sought.




  • Imagination is encouraged

To do creative writing it is necessary to develop characters, an environment, a story … All this makes children daydream and their imagination is activated . Creative writing is able to connect ideas from reality with one’s own imagination, merging a unique and wonderful world.


  • Order and clarity of expression are developed

The stories that are told must have a sequence, but this is something more logical when acting than when expressing yourself. Creative writing allows little ones to express themselves with much more order and clarity .


  • Intrapersonal intelligence develops

Intrapersonal intelligence is related to self-knowledge, which can be greatly improved through creative writing. The simple fact of choosing the literary genre (short story, comic, novel, etc.) or the type of narrator with which each one identifies, can help the child to be recognized as a creative writer and to find their own style .


The benefits of practicing creative writing are almost indisputable, so we should not let children lose the opportunity to learn to express themselves in writing, especially in these times when communication seems to prevail much more indirect and related in a way. full with technological devices.

Inviting and motivating children to learn to express their inner world through creative writing , not only generates benefits as important as empathy or the development of imagination, but it will also take away from children the danger of worsening spelling and grammar as a consequence of current programs as harmful on a linguistic level as WhatsApp, which ends up promoting a type of writing that is little or not thoughtful at all, moved by summary and immediacy.

Bringing children closer to writing, especially manual writing, allows them to face blank paper, self-confidence and that journey that allows us to know ourselves better. A trip that, without a doubt, is worth doing …



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