Games that help overcome dyslexia in children

Although dyslexia is not a disease, some of its negative effects at school can be improved by simple exercises, at any time. It is not always necessary to go through the specialist to put them into practice (which relieves stress for the child and the pocket).

Here are a few easy games to make, at any time and in any situation. You will not even realize that you are training!

Phonetics exercises

They help to recognize the sound of each vowel and consonant uniquely.

  • Change letters and / or vowels : the child is asked to change some vowels in the word for others, for example, f for j. “Skinny” = jafla. More changes can be added (“a” to = o) “joflo”.
  • How much is repeated ?: in a word, you are asked to count how many times a vowel or consonant appears. Example: how many “a” does the word airplane have? two.
  • Order vowels and consonants to form words : what is written with “rr + p + e + o”? dog.

Syllabic awareness exercises

They serve to better understand the “voice blows” that make up the words.

  • Forming words : it consists of giving syllables of a word, in a disorderly way, and asking to form a word. Example: “sa-ca” = house; “Vil-mó-auto” = automobile ”
  • Finding the lost syllable : consists of “filling in” the word: “e-le-… -te” = elephant.
  • Counting syllables : How many syllables does the word “ham” have? 2, ja-món.


We tell you other little tips that may be useful to you:

  • It is not important to do the exercises a lot each time, but to do them a little but several times
  • The difficulty is always adjusted to the age of the child
  • When playing we too, it is convenient to let yourself win 1 every 3 times
  • It is better not to play games with children without difficulties, since the dyslexic person may feel less valued.


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