Teachers increasingly alone in their task of educating

This statement seems to be true in different latitudes, which is even discussed in congresses, conferences and of course schools. The debate usually tells us about how in other times the teacher dedicated himself to his work with a society that was in charge, for its part, of transmitting plausible values together with parents who made an effort to give a positive orientation at home. However, all this panorama and involvement of the intervening people seems to have been diluted, becoming rare and worsening the support and the general environment of the educational community for different reasons.




If we admit that this is so, then what is happening right now? We talk in this article about the current panorama of education , in an image in which we see that the teacher is more alone than ever and with the aggravation of having parents and part of society also many times against him.

Is this one of the great problems of the 21st century society?



What is happening to education and society

Society seems to be increasingly busy shopping, having the latest technology … and little or nothing in defending ideas, rights and needs. At the same time, every time we find ourselves in a much more individualistic society , which does not look out for others or for social groups. This individualism means that great pacts cannot be made in favor of education or that a firm position is maintained about the capital importance of education and learning.

It seems that we forget with the passage of time that the school is that temple in which it is taught to develop in life , to know the events that happened before us … to be full members of society. Gone are those times when the ideas and words of a philosopher, for example, determined the course of people. In short, there is a devaluation of what is important, which makes the task of teachers more and more difficult.



What is happening with the families

The teachers of yesteryear had someone in each child’s home to be able to guide them, guide them in their education, and convey the love and security that everyone needed as they grew up. But also to give them discipline and the norms of citizen respect which, of course, included teachers.

But the situation today is quite different, with increasingly empty houses, families that are busier and isolated, with incomprehension towards figures of respect such as teachers … Those parents who previously collaborated one hundred percent with the educational community now work twice as much to survive and do not have time to talk with their children, much less with their teachers. Most of them do what they can, there is no doubt about that, but the fact that children communicate more with their mobile devices does not facilitate the situation, since a mobile phone cannot be a guide or an orientation for growth and education.





An educational system behind the teacher’s back

As if all this were not enough, the educational system often also turns its back on teachers, which can be observed when they demand their rights, a decent salary, a fairer environment, an educational system more in line with social reality … Everything an accumulation of things that impoverishes the environment and the quality of teaching, harming students and demotivating professionals .

Perhaps we should consider in a more serious and conscious way that teachers are those in charge of training tomorrow’s professionals, a whole society that will make the most important decisions in the future and that will shape it based on ideas, work, illusions and efforts.

But the responsibility for this problem rests on all of us, as citizens, as parents, as professionals … We must all do our bit and help children grow up knowing how important a teacher is and how he gets up every day to help them. , motivate them and teach them new and valuable things. In a world in crisis, perhaps even more relevant is knowing that education will be safe from everything bad that may happen, since it must be untouchable so that there can be formed and balanced societies forever.


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