What is navigation?

Navigation is what allows boats to enter and advance in the water.

Older and more modern

The first boats were, most likely, pirogues made of tree trunks or rafts. These rudimentary boats advanced very slowly at the stroke of an oar, although despite this they kept their balance well in the sea. Then came the sailing ship, which uses the force of the wind. And later, man stopped needing the wind to navigate and the motor boat and outboard were created. The existence of the motor allows you to travel even in bad weather.

Ships of antiquity

In ancient times it was sailed in a sailing and rowing boat called a galley. Later, the Vikings used a ship of the same type that they would call a drakar .



Navigation in rivers and seas

In many countries you see large boats or barges that navigate the rivers and transport goods such as sand, coal or stone. Until steam was invented, sailing dominated everywhere. Did you know that Christopher Columbus discovered America on a sailing ship?


Outboard: an outboard is a boat that works thanks to a motor placed on the outside of the hull, at the back.

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