Patience, the key to effective classroom management

Patience is the art of waiting calmly for results to arrive over time, while doing what is necessary to achieve the objectives at the same time. In other words, it is not about doing nothing, but quite the opposite, so it is very important and necessary to remain active. You have to understand, however, that the results are not always immediate and that while you wait for them to arrive you have to feel at peace and satisfied with yourself. And it is that, effective classroom management does not always achieve immediate results, so you have to wait. Let’s not forget that it is a process in which humans intervene and make mistakes!

Furthermore, when strategies are applied with conscience and love, they do not always have immediate results, since it is possible that it is much more immediate to work with punishments or restrictions. However, love achieves much more lasting results over time , and as if this were not enough, it contributes to the improvement of self-esteem, self-discipline and the formation of long-term values.



Therefore, and so that you can cultivate even more all that patience that you put every day in the classroom, we wanted to summarize in this article the most effective strategies for classroom management and that they will need that patience you have to observe the results of said management little by little.



Strategies for effective classroom management


  • Be clear on goals and encourage autonomy

The teacher must strive to clarify the objectives pursued in learning and also to remain open when it comes to incorporating the strategies that the student chooses for their daily work. This is a way to encourage student autonomy . Some teachers spend a lot of time explaining the process and publicizing their own strategy to achieve the expected results, but this simply ensures that the student will follow the same path as their teacher and not their own, and will not be contributing to the critical thinking or the autonomy of students. It is possible that the student will waste more time finding their own strategy, so the teacher must be patient and wait for the results to arrive.


  • Direct kind gestures to students

The kind gestures directed at the students, such as looking at them when they speak or expose, being interested in the work they do beyond correcting, dedicating a pleasant word when they do something positive, or giving public recognition to the progress of each one, are all Kind gestures that have very positive consequences on the behavior of students and that you should take into account. All these examples and many others are gestures that convey love and respect and, therefore, even if some student seems further behind, it is very possible that they will also receive such kind gestures as a stimulus and a good dose of motivation to keep going, so they will respond with love and respect in the long run as well, even if not immediately.


  • Keep your word to encourage responsibility

There is no better way to encourage responsibility than by establishing discipline with the word. If something important is said to be adhered to, you should also find out about the corresponding rewards and penalties. Later, and if the time comes to fulfill what was promised, the value of responsibility and the word will be transmitted to the student. And, there is no fact that corrupts the foundations of responsibility more than forgetting everything that is promised. That is, the habit of this quality on the part of teachers will lead students to trust and develop self-responsibility over time.




We can see, in short, that the great changes to achieve in the search for effective classroom management that gives positive results in terms of learning and the established work levels, do not occur in a moment. That is why all those values that are intended in the students, such as motivation, struggle and effort , must also be taken into account by the teachers themselves in their planning and in the establishment of their daily dynamics. And it is that, as happens when a seed is planted, only with care, tenacity and patience, can the fruit of truly useful and powerful classroom management be reaped.


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