Sharing is an essential social act in order to have healthy relationships with others . It is not easy to learn and much less to teach, especially if we are somewhat selfish adults. But it is important to understand that children are not ready to share until they are 4 years old . Before that age the child receives a lot of attention and understands that he is the center of the world . We must know that this feeling is not bad to feel, or that it may even be necessary to convey love and security. Remember that exclusive care is quite important during this period for the youngest children, mainly because the nucleus of their world is the family.

However, from the age of 4, the child will begin to realize that he is not unique in the world and in his school he will be with a group of children who will little by little have the same feeling as him. It will be frustrating to find out about that, but the courage to share will help you feel no more and no less than your other friends.


Activities to teach children to share

  • Taking a child to school is vital, because among countless other reasons, that is where they will learn that there are rules to be followed in community. Do not be worried that he will no longer receive the special and exquisite treatment of his parents, since it is important that he learns as soon as possible that he is equal to others.
  • Invite other children to play in your house with your child , they can be neighbors, classmates or cousins. In this way your child will be forced to be the host and attend to his / her friends at home. Let him choose which toy he does not want to share and also give him the opportunity to select the toys and spaces he is willing to lend.
  • When your child has a positive attitude toward sharing, remember to congratulate him and encourage him to keep doing it.
  • Teach him that sharing transmits a very powerful value and that it not only relieves the attachment of those who share, but also makes others happy. Use every opportunity in life to prove it.


A story that works with children

Now I’m going to tell you a story that recently worked for my daughter and that has to do with the act of sharing:

Among the materials he needed to do his activities at school were sheets, white eraser and scissors. This material was to be kept at school to be used every day. One day, my daughter ran out of white sheets to work with and was fortunate that another friend loaned her the sheets she needed. She arrived very happy that day and told me about it.

I immediately highlighted to her that her friend had been very generous, I bought new sheets for her and her friend and said:

  • Give this to your friend and don’t forget to thank him.

A week later I saw a white rubber band inside her bag and I asked her:

  • Didn’t this material have to be left at school?

Her response was that she had been very upset that all the children had worn their white rubber band and used hers. So, I asked him …

  • How would you have felt that time you ran out of sheets to work if no one had lent you any?

He did not have to give me an answer, because his face said it all, however he replied:

  • I would have felt very sad, Mom.

The important thing about this moment is that at once she knew what to do, without me telling her anything, and the next day she returned to her school to share her white rubber, not only because the other children needed it, but because now she had the opportunity. to make others happy.

And it is that sharing is an act of love that allows you to make yourself and others happy. Isn’t it a great asset to teach our children?

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