Recycle batteries to improve the environment

Pollution and its importance

The toys in many houses are battery operated. Many times they are spent and have to be changed, but instead of throwing them away, we must recycle them. If we threw them away, they would go to the municipal landfill and there they would be buried or incinerated. But this process causes the toxic product released by the battery to end up in the earth and even in the atmosphere.

The habit of recycling

Used batteries, placed in special containers, are recovered in factories dedicated to this activity. There the valuable materials that compose them are reused. This represents a significant saving in raw materials. And best of all, they can be recycled indefinitely!

Batteries like new

In France, around 600 million batteries are sold each year: 10 batteries per person and 25,000 tons of toxic waste. Fortunately, almost all of them are recycled. Melted at more than 1,600 ºC, they are transformed into metal ingots, especially steel, and reused again.



Incinerate: to incinerate is to burn. Incinerated garbage is burned in special devices called incinerators.

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