Parents who transfer negative emotions to their children

Many parents have to deal with tantrums, agitation or permanent nervousness in their children, but what we do not stop to think many times is the main cause of the child having these behaviors. It often happens that when a child has these types of emotions it is because their parents may have them too and this is known as the negative transfer effect, that is, that parents transfer their own nervousness to their children, making them tense or nervous unintentionally.

But what are the causes of parental nervousness? Do you think you are making a mistake with your children and that they are deviating from the path that you thought was appropriate for them?

If this is your case, don’t miss 10 factors that you should assume.


10 Factors that we must assume as parents

  • Nobody is perfect

People make mistakes in many areas of their lives, are parents left out?

  • Many other parents have made the same mistakes

You are not the only parent who has made a mistake, many others have gone through the same thing.

  • If we do not assume our ability to make mistakes, we will increase our feeling of guilt

All parents want to achieve perfection in raising their children, and many times they generate regrets for not having achieved it. Not everything is in your power, keep the effort you have made to educate and raise them.

  • Making mistakes doesn’t make you bad, it makes you normal

Some parents are bad when they neglect their children or abandon them psychologically. Do not whip yourself because your child has spent hours watching television or you have not paid attention to him because you have had to do other tasks, because this is normal and absolutely nothing happens.

  • What seems to be a mistake is something normal in raising a child

There may be an incident that has happened to your child due to a mistake of yours, but remember that this is something natural and very normal. We are humans.

  • Mistakes often benefit children

If a child does not want to eat because of a tantrum and you take the plate from him saying that he will eat it at night, you can get an incentive for the child to think about his behavior , but it also may not be the case. Act as you see fit and think about the character and true intentions of your children.

What seems like the best can sometimes be discovered over time as a bug, and what worked yesterday does not have to work tomorrow. Keep this in mind for the future.

  • Anxiety about making mistakes is a waste of time

Do not waste time thinking about what has gone wrong, use that time to take care of your family and think about the present and the future.

  • Your child will not remember any incident from his first years

A young child does not have the ability to remember and analyze what has happened. Let’s remove our regrets and feelings of guilt and enjoy our children.

  • All these negative feelings show that you are a good parent

All this concern for your children shows that you are trying very hard to get them a good education. Don’t be hard on yourself, it’s natural to make mistakes every day.

Good I am interested in receiving your works are good. Congratulations!

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