What to give a newborn is the eternal question. And is that a baby always brings joy to the family, but it also means thinking and throwing numbers when equipping yourself with what you need, or obtaining it through gifts from relatives. Because of course, several issues come together: it has to be something useful, something that the parents have not already bought and that also has a price according to your relationship with that person and your budget. Come on, it can be a dizziness to decide.

Despite the fact that parents can opt for numerous aid for newborn children, the truth is that the budget necessary to have everything prepared skyrockets. And what better way to help them get started as parents by giving useful gifts ?




Useful gift ideas for newborns

Below you will not find original gift ideas, but you will find useful gift ideas to know what to give to a newborn .


  • Car seat

Car seats are among the most expensive products needed for a baby, but what doubt is their usefulness? Of course, for less than 250 euros it is difficult to find something decent , so it is a gift reserved for relatives and close friends who have a suitable situation to fully cover or help with that expense. Remember that the ECE R44 / 04 regulations currently coexist, which are still in force; and the ECE R129 i-Size, more complete than the first one and already fulfilled by many of the i size car seats .

The parameters that you must take into account to opt for one are, the groups it covers (from 0 to 3, depending on the kilos of weight it can bear), if it has isofix anchor points or not, if it reclines, how much weight it supports or if it can be placed in reverse. These are the most important questions, but there are others such as the weight and size of the chair that will intervene in its easy handling, especially if it has to be used very frequently. Things like being comfortable for the baby or can be easily washed will end up throwing the scale out of balance towards one or the other.


  • High chair

It is the accessory that is used to seat the child and feed him safely and comfortably from approximately 6 months. In addition, the baby highchair serves for the child to start eating alone and to experiment with their own hands and cutlery, so it is a super useful item.

If you are going to give a highchair to use at home, you have to choose from a basic one, which costs 15 euros, to a design one with all kinds of adjustments that can go well beyond 200. Be it made of wood or metal and plastic , the adjustments will make it an evolutionary highchair that adapts to growth and has more versatility: with footrest and seat adjustable in height, several reclining positions, also adjustable and removable tray, etc.

If parents already have the highchair to use at home, they may not yet have the portable , a small and handy accessory that attaches to tables or chairs, depending on the type. It is designed to be carried whenever the family goes out to eat and out and avoids the drama of not having high chairs available in the bar or restaurant. You have them from 20-25 euros. To name a few models, we highlight the famous Stokke Tripp Trapp; the Hauck Beta Plus, with a newborn set to use as a hammock from newborn; and others very sold on Amazon, such as the Jané Activa Evo, the Sweety Fox or those from the Chicco Polly range.

In specialized stores such as Baby High Chair Online you can find the best offers and read analyzes and opinions of the best valued baby high chairs and the best sellers, and thus decide on the one that best suits your needs and budgets. This website is one of the most complete in the sector, but you can also find a wide variety of high chairs at Amazon, Bebitus, El Corte Inglés or similar stores.


  • Baby monitor or baby listening

It is a dispensable product if we compare it with a car seat or a highchair, but nobody doubts its usefulness either. What’s more, even if they don’t buy it from the start or include it on the gift lists, many parents end up getting it. The fundamental thing will be the scope that it presents and the quality of the sound , and to a lesser extent the image. From there, the market has a lot to offer: baby monitors with or without a camera, with a monitor or with an app, with lullabies, two-way communication, energy saving mode, motion sensor, warning lights …

Looking at the possibilities, you will have come to the conclusion that the prices are also very varied: from 25 euros or less you can buy a complete baby monitor . An idea? Read reviews and opinions of bloggers who have been moms and have had the opportunity to try some of the most popular baby monitor models, such as the opinion of the Hellobaby HB32 published in Mother Millennial or the Availand Follow Baby , or the Motorola MBP36s, among others.

You can also consult the OCU and other pages specialized in listening to babies and choose the one that best meets your needs and budget.


  • Newborn layette

Just thinking about the suitcase for the delivery already implies a large purchase, but the truth is that the baskets solve many of the first needs of the mother and father in the hospital. They are a classic and also a successful gift, although given their popularity they are less likely to be original. The advantage is that you can do as many different configurations as you want, so it can always be adjusted to your budget.

The baskets are full of products that the baby will need from birth. And it is not only about care, but they are essential when executing the usual rituals with the baby, such as those stimulating massages that help a healthy and happy development. We talk about soaps, sponges, shampoos, moisturizing milks, balms for when you use a diaper, colognes, talcum powder, hair brushes and combs, wipes, muslin gauze, towels, bodysuits, socks, bibs, diapers and even stuffed animals. The container where it comes from is also important, which may have other uses in the future, as well as the presentation.

An advice? If you can’t spend a lot of money, give a basket with fewer products, but don’t sacrifice quality . What comes out of Nenuco, Suanivex, Mustela, ISDIN, Chicco and similar brands may not have enough, and we are talking about baby’s skin. His parents will not be willing to put anything on him.




  • Personalized gift with name

It depends on what you choose, but they are capable of combining utility, originality and a fairly wide range of budgets. The essential aspect of the gift is that it serves as a keepsake .

Mothers and fathers usually keep things like the first tooth that falls out, a lock of hair or the first jewel they wear, so you can take advantage of the custom to give something that can also be kept: a pacifier holder, a blanket with the name , a box to store objects, a photo holder and ink to print the footprint, decorative names on wood, etc.


If after reading all this you still do not know what to give to a newborn, you can try giving something to the mother . Pregnancy, breastfeeding, and motherhood are often times when information, specific care, and support are needed, so there are hundreds of ideas. In addition, the important thing is what you transfer when you give: that these people matter to you.


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