Learning to recognize the letters of the alphabet is a fundamental step in the process of language development and also of writing. Because although children learn to speak long before knowing how to identify the letters of the alphabet , the truth is that they cannot yet visualize the way in which all those words are written.

In addition, this process is often complicated for certain children, and it is necessary to be able to use didactic and educational resources aimed at making the experience of learning letters a fun and interesting task for them.

That’s why in this article we want to give you some ideas to teach letters to children. Through different methods, we can make children learn almost without realizing it, facilitating the path that they have to travel to begin writing and identifying their own language.

Crafts, games … there are many resources that we can use to teach the alphabet to the little ones, and with them, in addition to feeding their curiosity about the world around them, we will finally make them begin to identify the letters correctly.

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Ideas for children to learn the alphabet

  • Letters with pictures: We know that coloring is one of the most entertaining activities for children, so it is a good idea to create or find yourself words with pictures that begin with the same letter to color, for example: with the or a sheep or a ball of wool. The most important thing is that the drawings are of animals or things that they can recognize and are familiar to them, since this will make it much easier for them to get the initial letter with which they are written.
  • Plasticine: Plasticine is a material that not only allows us to make thousands of creations, but also fascinates the little ones. In your spare time, it may be a very good idea to suggest playing plasticine and in that game make figures that represent each of the letters of the alphabet. This can be an almost daily activity, in which the letters are introduced little by little. The little ones will be wanting to imitate you and without realizing it they will learn the alphabet by heart.
  • Printables: Make beautiful printables with the letters of the alphabet and place them on the walls of the room or classroom. This method in fact does not need to be teaching anything in particular, since the plates only act as decoration. The curiosity of the children is what will do the work, since by looking at them, little by little they will become familiar with all of them. Use shiny elements for the letters or fun textures like hair or feathers. They will love it!
  • Play I see – This traditional game consists of one person saying to another: I see-I see! The other must answer “what do you see?” and after this question the first one will respond again with the phrase: “a little thing that begins with the letter …”. The game consists of looking at something that all players can see so that they can be identifiable. Playing this game enchants the little ones, and you can use everyday objects, such as the telephone, a window, a coat … etc. An activity that in addition to helping children learn the letters of the alphabet, will provide the family or classmates with an endearing and fun experience.

Of the 4 mentioned I share that 1 and 4 are the most key personally. This is because the images are very much captured in memory

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