It is possibly the perfect gift or at least the most original. In a world where giving a book to a child is something unusual (please, give away books and more books, you never know if it is going to be your fault that the little one whose birthday falls in love with reading with your gift) imagine giving a daily … However, this simple act can mean a before and after in the child’s life.

So for the brave who defy fashions and stereotypes , and dare with the “different” party gift this is the option. We tell you why:

  1. Build your own biography

This in itself is fabulous. Capturing your everyday emotions is liberating and rereading them will help you to know who you are, to know your fears, limitations and desires and of course to understand your place in the world.

  1. Will channel your emotions

A child who writes in a journal will learn the therapeutic benefits of writing very young. You will know that the distance from problems increases as we increase the written lines. Everything dims and looks different after typing.

  1. Will have its space

The privacy of the diary isolates and protects you. Feeling that you can talk about anything with total freedom makes you able to take refuge and download your experiences and feelings freely.

  1. Unleash your creativity

We should not condition him to only write, since the idea is that he express himself as he wants and feels at that moment , it can be with photos, material memories, personal notes, drawings, etc … In fact, the idea is that he make it his own, and for that you have to customize it as you like.

  1. Will write it when motivated

It should not be forced because it should be a voluntary and joyous activity. If this is not the case, we can talk to the child and “sell” him the idea that writing is fun, that it does not have to be every day , but when he needs it.

  1. Will leave the virtual world

Forget the screens for a while and stay in front of a blank sheet where they write the date without realizing it while they reflect on everything that happened that day … it is as positive as filling out that sheet in a few minutes while they make the environment their own and decide if their attitude remains the same or they change their way of seeing things.

  1. It will be better organized

Without realizing it, your mind plans by recapitulating the experiences lived by dates . You can organize the next day and therefore be calmer and more prepared, which translates into relaxation which in turn translates into happiness.

For nothing in the world should we read it. It is your intimate space and we should not go beyond it. This must be made very clear to them, so they will also understand that we all have private things: drawers, notebooks, computers, mobile phones … And they must be respected.

Finally, we will say that in the market there are thousands of newspapers for all tastes: from the white padlocked notebook to the diary of your favorite characters, through fun newspapers to destroy, others that propose activities and some with motivational or simply fun phrases. Let us choose according to the age and character of the little one and present his diary as soon as possible.

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