Save paper, the future

We must save paper to save trees and forests.

Entire forests destroyed

Men are using more and more paper. But to make paper pulp, you have to cut down trees… And that causes entire forests to be destroyed. However, forests allow us to breathe, as they provide us with oxygen. They also provide shelter for many species of animals and plants, which risk disappearing forever if logging continues.

  Savings to protect forests

To save forests, it is necessary not to consume too much paper and to avoid wastage. Don’t throw away your notebook if you haven’t filled it out to the last page. Make lots of pictures on the same sheet, if you still have room. That is saving!

The life of the trees

To help the forest live and renew itself, it is necessary to replant trees. A tree takes time to grow: an elm becomes an adult in 30 years, a fir in 80 years, a beech in 150 years, and an oak in 200.




Exploitation: logging is the use of trees in a forest.


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