The DESIGN of classrooms is important for LEARNING

In the 21st century we are witnessing new ways of conceiving teaching , and not only at a theoretical level, but also at a practical level. In many parts of the world, initiatives have already been launched that are revolutionizing the traditional parameters established with respect to the way of teaching and learning, and without a doubt, it seems that they have come to stay. A good example is that of the architects of the company Rosan Bosch , in charge of designing around thirty schools belonging to the so-called Vittra School organization. In these classrooms, only the essential walls are built, since what is involved is to prioritize the open space over the closed space , the disorder in front of the corseted rows of desks, or collaborative and creative learning in front of the cold classroom blackboard . The children are divided into groups based on different types of training: drawing, language, laboratory…, and this is just one part of the program that provides individual attention to each of the children .

One of these schools located in Stockholm, Sweden , has an area of 1,900 square meters. Inside there are spacious rooms with a unique design. The totally open interior is full of color, and in it children can climb a mountain, be in a cave, or talk to each other up a tree.

The idea was to bring elements of nature indoors, where children can do things like take long walks. This training system is based on modern technologies, so laptops are also one of the fundamental parts for children to be connected with information.

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The importance of the space that surrounds us

This type of creative learning is already being introduced in places like the United States or Europe. This modern teaching system, in which design plays a fundamental role, is based on the ineffectiveness of traditional classes based on giving great lessons and taking notes. Classes considered monotonous and ineffective, since instead of awakening the curiosity and interest of the little ones, they arouse more boredom and fatigue. And, why does design count so much in these types of spaces? Because this new system considers that something can be learned from everything, not only from the teacher, but from space, from the objects or landscapes that surround us … everything can inspire us and teach us productive things for life .

Teachers, designers and architects have joined forces in the construction of this new type of school space with the idea that the school should entertain and provide inspiration and a desire to continue learning and doing new things. In this sense, experts believe that we have to learn a lot from schools and early childhood education spaces , traditionally reviled by higher education, since at this level of education students are not restricted and they are allowed to interact and function in the classroom. space naturally and normally. It is necessary to change the focus of the protagonism in the classroom from the teacher to the students, since it is to them that the teaching and learning effort should be directed, they are the key pieces of our future.

Developing collaborative learning in these new spaces is also essential, since for the effective development of children in the society of tomorrow it is necessary that they learn to live together and work together.

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