The teacher who loves his profession gives everything

The teaching profession is probably one of the most important in society, since it is the one in charge of learning and teaching people what is necessary to develop in life. To be a teacher is to develop a social balance in the child and prepare the human being to practice professions and trades in the future, as a doctor, lawyer, politician … or any other. However, although it sounds beautiful, it is not easy, and not just anyone can be used to practice this very important profession. A bad teacher can produce an effect totally contrary to what is sought in a society and, in this way, contribute to the loss of values, learning and the social balance that is required to grow and become successful adults in the life . Being a professional by vocation is not always possible, but it can be achieved with practice and enthusiasm.

Of course, a teacher who loves his profession is recognized immediately, because he gives everything in his day to day. When a person is a teacher by vocation, they can also be recognized through a series of qualities such as the ones we present below.


Qualities that identify a vocational teacher


  1. Cares about creating a learning environment

A good teacher knows that for proper learning to exist, it is necessary to create an appropriate environment for it, which is emotional, stimulating and comforting. That is why he cares about developing this type of environment around his students.


maestros por vocación


  1. He cares about his students beyond learning

Learning difficulties in a normal person are due, in most cases, to emotional problems. A vocational teacher knows this by intuition, so he seeks to develop empathy with his students and get to know them in greater depth.


  1. It is always at the forefront of educational technologies

The way of teaching and the learning process are the priority topics for an educator by vocation. He reads, informs himself, seeks to learn more and more, and best of all, he puts into practice what he has learned to test himself what works with his students and what does not. He is always open to learn.


  1. Encourage students to encourage learning

The teaching time a teacher dedicates to his students to learn a subject or trade may not be enough. A good teacher knows this and that is why he focuses on creating in his students an interest in curiosity, so that they never stop their learning process.


  1. He is happy that the student surpasses the teacher

Teachers by vocation see their time and dedication rewarded when their students learn and excel. They are never envious or jealous that their students deepen their knowledge and become great professionals. His students will always be his best teachers , since they learn his main life lessons from them.


The teacher who loves his profession gives everything, because his main reward is not monetary, but the satisfaction that comes from contributing to the formation of the society that surrounds him and that will have the key to a future, hopefully very hopeful .

Interesting because teachers inspire and motivate our lives

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This is the great demagoguery of official discourses and neoliberal policies of budget cuts to educational systems, which
they definitely do not want to recognize the work of teachers and its importance in society (with this the right to a good life with dignity that only a good salary and quality job benefits can guarantee) by stating that the teaching profession is a sacrificial job, that it is a vocation and that it is a total dedication, implicit in this discourse is that the bad salaries of the MINED and the worst salaries of the private sector -hunger salaries- have to be bearable if one is a good teacher; Also, the poor benefits, the terrible service of the health system that is given to the teachers, and lately the lack of dignified retirement and the hunger pension to which teachers are forced to, for that reason, even when their working time Biological already finished they refuse to retire, for which many of them affirm that they will die working. NOT THE TEACHER WHO LOVES THEIR PROFESSION DOES NOT DELIVER EVERYTHING, ALSO DEMANDS A DIGNIFIED LIFE, A FAIR MASTERIAL WORK AND A DIGNIFIED WORK ENVIRONMENT! How is it possible that the teacher is going to suffer in a state in which politicians loot the budget and the people leave hunger and injustice.

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