To play outdoors? Of course!

According to a recent study, children around the world between the ages of 5 and 12 spend just one hour a day outdoors. Maximum security prisoners go out to the courtyard for two hours. A chilling fact, if we take into account the multiple benefits of being away from home for children of any age. Insecurity, television, video games or the Internet have contributed to this forced “confinement”. To the point that social consequences such as childhood obesity, depression, lack of interest and / or problems adapting to the immediate environment or socializing can already be observed, previously almost exclusive to adults.

It is worth reading the advantages of playing outside and reflecting on whether we can do more so that our children enjoy that freedom and develop much better in all aspects.

  1. Reduces stress: Having space provides freedom of movement favoring physical activity and the release of endorphins, which reduces anxiety and stress. We could say that tired children equals relaxed and happier children.
  1. Develop the imagination: In toy libraries, houses or playgrounds there is organization. However, in nature the child requires his imagination to create, choose, make decisions and, above all, define his own limits.
  1. Prevents obesity: Children need to move, run, jump. Before, there was hardly any childhood obesity and today the data is worrying. A sedentary life together with a diet rich in sugars and fats has made it possible for us to speak of an epidemic of children with adult problems. Let’s not let this happen and make it possible for them to play on the go again.
  1. Strengthens the immune system: Excessive hygiene and the indiscriminate use of antibiotics has wreaked havoc on the natural defenses of children. Being in contact with nature, the air, the sun or the rain, prevents allergies and increases the defenses. We will also be contributing to make our children healthier.
  1. Improves their socialization: In the street they meet children of different ages and conditions, which enriches them when they see other ways of acting and playing. They will be forced to negotiate and adapt, growing as people and expanding horizons. An invaluable life lesson.
  1. Strengthen the relationship with nature: Let’s break the limits and structures, let the children feel free and experience the sensations that the outdoors offers them for free: magical colors, smells and textures that will make them feel more alive, in contact with the planet and life itself.

For all these reasons and many more, it is vital that we allow our children to play outside the home. Sure there are chances that they do it more often Maybe not every day, but finding the right time and promoting this practice that is full of advantages for its development will fill us with satisfaction and will make us see the difference soon: a much more balanced integral development.

Sure that it will be worth it!

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