When night comes, especially when we have a lot of free time to enjoy and rest like weekends , we tend to waste it watching television or playing video games. In this way, what should be quality time invested in the family becomes time without sharing with others and in the company of ourselves. But… there are many alternatives for a family night out ! And we suggest that you get to know just some of them.

Family games are a fun option to educate and entertain our children, but what games can we play? We give you 5 easy ideas that can be done with just pencils and a sheet of paper. Well, that … and a lot of imagination! You sign up?

Necessary materials

  • Something to write
  • Something to write with
  • Ideas for the game

The ideas can be modified by each of the players, since the important thing is that the union and fun reign.

Draw an absurd and / or crazy story

  • Take turns taking a sheet of paper.
  • The first person begins to draw, starting first with a made-up story. Then he passes the sheet to the next player, and so on in turn.
  • The next person adds a new picture to the same story.
  • Even if it has nothing to do with the first things noted, it does not matter, since it is about achieving a result full of humor.

Paper phone

  • Have you ever played freaky phone ? Well, it is a game during which we sit in a circle and within it, the first person chosen to start, whispers a phrase to the next. This phrase is passed from person to person, producing a final result probably very different from the beginning. Try it and have fun! The trick is to whisper and go really fast.

Treasure hunt

  • Participants are divided into two teams, with each team entering a room.
  • Each team also creates a list of existing objects in the room in which they are, but not too many if possible, so that the other team can find them.
  • The rosters are exchanged, and each team must complete the opponent’s roster. You can only read the list of objects once, so you have to read the articles slowly so that the little ones in the house can also remember them well.
  • Whoever finds all the objects before the rival … wins!

As you may have seen, few things are needed to enjoy a fun and original time with the family. Put them all into practice!

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