The arrival of Christmas can be an excellent occasion to involve the whole classroom in fun Christmas games or for the little ones to enjoy the family parties to come. Team games in particular work very well at school, since they teach children such important things as cooperation and sportsmanship, and the teaching of this type of positive values should certainly take priority at Christmas. Choosing games that allow you to take advantage of resources will also be very important and another value to add during these holidays.

And if you need ideas to apply, don’t miss out on all of the ones we offer below.



Fun Christmas games for kids


  • The Christmas tree

Divide the children into teams of two or more. One child for each team will be the tree and they will have to straighten their arms slightly (arms extended) to pretend to be a tree. At the start signal the other team members can wrap the tree in green streamers or pieces of cardboard. Then, also as a team, they should glue paper decorations made with other materials and a star to the tree. The first team to finish their tree wins. You can also give prizes to the most attractive tree or the most fun tree.


  • Candy cane race

Give each child a large candy cane (it can be made of plastic or made from materials such as polystyrene). Divide the participating children into teams of four to five and arrange them in a row. Give the first person in line a second candy cane. This child should hold their first cane upside down to form a hook and hang the second cane from the hook of the first. Then each boy or girl with candy canes should start a race or circuit doing everything possible so that the canes do not disengage or rub the ground. Once the tour is completed, the sticks are passed to the next child until they all finish the tour. The first group able to complete the circuit without brushing or dropping the poles wins.


  • Sweet socks

Hang a large Christmas stocking for each outfit on the wall. Line up each team several steps from their sock. Next, place a bowl of candy and a spoon in front of each team. At the start signal the first person in line will scoop up a sweet from the bowl with the spoon. Then he will take the candy to the sock and drop it. The children must run to return to their team and give the spoon to the next person in line, who must repeat the process. When the time of the relays arrives, an animated Christmas song can play, which will stop playing when the time of the relays also ends. Setting a rhythm and times with the music will make the activity more fun . The team with the most candy in their socks wins.




  • Scrambled letters

If you want a somewhat quieter game, do not miss this one that is designed so that children do not have to move, being able to stay at tables or at their desks. Get a set of letters (wood, plastic …) or make your own cards. Once you have them, mix the letters so that the children can form Christmas words, for which you will have to leave them a sheet of paper. Give a sheet to each team and set a time limit. The team that deciphers the most words in the estimated time will win. Another option is to write a Christmas phrase or song title for each team on a card. You can then cut the card by separating the phrase and the words into several parts and place all the pieces in a bag, which will be given to each team (one bag for each team). The first team to decipher the phrase on their card wins the game.


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