Back to school, a challenge for parents and children

Once again we are in the middle of going back to school , although the day of returning varies according to each country and even each city. But this day is not only a challenge for the little ones, but also for adults, either because they are teachers and must return to their work routine or because they are parents and have to face the dreaded expense of school supplies.

But being able to transmit serenity and joy before going back to school is essential on the part of parents, since they are the mirror in which their children look at themselves, which is why we should rethink our way of behaving when returning from vacation when they have children. In other words, if we are annoyed or distressed by this issue, we will transfer that feeling of restlessness or unease to the children, something not recommended for them to face the return to their particular routine with enthusiasm and good humor . We cannot forget that children have the same or more difficult time adapting to everyday life after the holidays: their sleep rhythms have been modified for three months and they have dedicated themselves to enjoying unusual activities during the rest of the year, such as the beach or the swimming pool… In short, they have had a great time and it is likely that they feel that they never want to go back to school.

And this is where the role of parents is crucial , as they must be able to stimulate the interest of the little ones by showing enthusiasm for the new school supplies, for the mysteries that await the new books, for how beautiful it is to meet again with old friends… etc. Or, in other words, they should convey a feeling of happiness at the return to routine, because after it other holidays will come.


SOS Dads: Tips for Coping with School Costs

One of the main recommendations is to make a list of all the new things that will be needed : backpacks, notebooks, books, writing materials, coloring paints and other artistic supplies, such as cards, sheets … etc. If when making the list we see that there are many things, we can divide the list into two parts that are, those most urgent things (such as textbooks or the school uniform) and those that are going to be specified during the course , such as For example, certain tools for making crafts, pens, pencils … Consulting with the teachers and the school can be a good idea to find out about the urgency that each material needs, since this will depend largely on the school planning of each school.

Planning the purchase of what you will need is vital so that everything does not accumulate on the last day and entail a greater economic expense as a whole. In turn, having trustworthy shopping sites or prestigious stationers recognized for their efficiency in shipping and the quality of their school supplies, such as Distrimar Stationery , will be other very important aspects so as not to leave a single detail in the forgetfulness and that the children can return to class with everything they need.

The positive spirit is always the key to everything, and therefore, being able to see the need for new school supplies as something beautiful and cheerful can be a way of understanding that there is also an opportunity to start over, to do things. better than the previous year and to return to see friends and those teachers who have to teach us so much with great enthusiasm. If we are able to see it as adults, the little ones will also be able to be imbued with our enthusiasm and to go back through the classroom door with strength and with a smile from ear to ear.

Isn’t it worth seeing children walking away clutching their backpacks loaded with illusion?

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