The highest mountain in the whole world

Everest is the highest mountain on the planet.

Roof of the world

It is difficult to measure the exact altitude of a mountain. However, one thing is for sure: Everest is the highest mountain on the planet. It is called the roof of the world. Its summit is at more than 8,840 meters and from it the immense mountain range of the Himalayas, located between India and China, can be seen. A mountaineer claimed that he had seen the yeti in the Himalayas. The yeti is a kind of giant, fearsome-looking monkey that is also often called “the abominable snowman.”

Man has defeated Everest

Hundreds of explorers met their deaths on the dizzying, icy slopes of Everest. But on May 28, 1953, a very brave and tenzacious mountaineer, Edmund Hillary, accompanied by his wonderful Sherpa Tensing Norgay, reached the roof of the world. Finally the man managed to defeat Everest!



Sherpa: A Sherpa is a guide or a porter of Tibetan origin in the highest mountains of the Himalayas.




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