Teacher grades his students in an INNOVATIVE way

The parameters of the most traditional education have been gradually renewed in recent times, losing importance as fundamental aspects in the past such as school grades, and other aspects that are also very important such as the behavior demonstrated in the classroom or treatment and interpersonal relationships with colleagues.

All these changes and new perspectives on education have made many teachers change the roadmap on a day-to-day basis, such as Professor Ramón Rodríguez Galán , from the Sevillian Maristas School, establishing in his classroom an alternative system of qualifications in the one that not only counted the note, but many other points of interest. Ramón, who also opted for the use and implementation of ICT , of which he is now the coordinator, considers that social networks are today a fundamental part of the educational process. We cannot forget that the new generations of students have already been born in a world absorbed by the internet, and that is something we must assume since it will not go back. In this sense, social networks allow us to establish a more dynamic framework capable of encouraging and motivating students more, and Ramón also puts this into practice with a blog in which he offers a multitude of practical resources to schoolchildren .

A new approach to ratings

According to Ramón, children must be aware that the only important thing is not to achieve that long-awaited good grade , but that many other things count, and hence their alternative grading system based on other things as vital as the fact of to be able to arrive at school with a good smile , or to interact in peace and in harmony with others , being able to share space and games without problems.

Professor Ramón’s initiative, which went viral some time ago on Twitter, reveals the need for the educational system to renew itself and make students understand that what is really important is to grow, learn and be happy; that our attitude in life should not be guided only by compulsion, but by emotional intelligence. The application of this emotional intelligence is necessary for children to acquire the necessary tools to function fully in life, something that the simple memorization of content can never achieve.


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How nice !!, in my son’s school his teachers can make a little comment, but what I observed was that it was always that he had to improve in his studies, and I never read a comment that encouraged or motivated him. That is if there is no space for parents to comment on how much vocation teachers lack and teach the students well.

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Vocation makes teachers not only demand good grades, but being in this situation encourages the student and considers it as the reason for his passion, which is to practice his profession with love.

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