5 advantages of writing the letter to the Magi with your children

For some time now, there is a certain controversy over whether children should believe in the Three Wise Men, Santa Claus or the Tooth Fairy . Some think that we lie to them while we educate them by telling them that it is wrong to lie. Others than fantasy and illusion justify everything. Each one has their own particular vision, of course, but there is something clear, and that is that it is very difficult to tell them the truth from a young age when they live in a society that does not, surrounded by children who “believe.” So, regardless of personal opinion, we can stay with the magical part of Christmas and give it certain nuances while we write the letter to the kings with them . Thus they will have the illusion but they will also be more aware and we will leave the fierce consumerism of these dates as far as possible.

Keep these tips in mind and your child will thank you, even if they don’t understand it yet:

Value things

We stop excessive consumerism by limiting access to department store catalogs and visits to toy stores, as well as the saturation of advertising in the media. It is the only way for the child to give their fair value to things while inviting him to think about what he really wants or needs. We can talk with him about what he likes to do (painting, cooking, assembling puzzles, playing with dolls …) and ask for gifts related to these activities, which will be the ones that make him happy and really use. This way we will avoid that they are cornered when opening them.

Stimulate solidarity

It is very important that the child is aware that there are more children in the world and that it is necessary to “share” for all. On the one hand, we will be clear about the number of gifts you can order so that you can enjoy what you receive. Experts recommend 4 gifts per child. Enough to have fun and make the case that each game or toy deserves. In addition, it would be interesting if you donated the toys that you no longer use and are in good condition (or new ones that we can buy) in a Christmas collection for underprivileged children. We can tell you that later the kings give them to these children, as if he were the assistant of their majesties. It sure makes you excited and makes you more supportive.

Thinking of immaterial gifts

This is a nice idea for them to realize that there are things that make us happy that cannot be touched. For example, asking to see your grandparents more if they are far away, or for wars to end, or for people to be less angry and laugh more. Let him think and surely you will be surprised what wishes come to him.

Work sincerity

You have to tell the kings how they have behaved throughout the year, so the good and the not so good should go in that letter. It is a great time to remember and take stock of your behavior and the way you act. Talk, laugh and share with your child all the anecdotes you remember.

Unleash creativity

You can paint the letter, draw pictures, borders, or decorate it with glitter or bows. Whatever you want to personalize your special letter. Help him in whatever he needs to make him proud and happy.

Happy Kings!

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