Educational games in the classroom: learning by playing

Children have normal eating, playing, learning and sleeping habits. Play, both in humans and in many other mammalian species, is one of the most important learning pathways for their development.

Through games, children begin to discover their reality, to interact with others and to know the world , in addition, of course, to acquire learning. This makes the presence of games absolutely necessary, both in classrooms and in domestic environments.

It is often said that little ones are like sponges, due to their learning capacity , so with games what is achieved is that, while the little ones are acquiring this learning, they also learn other things such as values.

Today there are many types of teachings and some of them have as a base or important element the presence of games, and specifically, educational or didactic games.


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What are educational games?

Educational Games , also called didactic games, are games based on the principle of fun as a teaching technique. The aim of these educational games is for children to learn something specific in a playful way.

Educational games promote children’s mental capacity and active knowledge practice . For a child, and also for adults, it is easier to remember something fun and entertaining, something that brings back good memories. That is why educational games, although they are valid for people of any age, take much more force in childhood.

Childhood, the first years of life, is the time when you learn the most, so you have to take advantage of this circumstance, which is still a natural mechanism, to reinforce children’s abilities through games . That is, we can make use of that saying “children are like sponges” using games for this.

At a time as crucial as the current one, in which technology is so important, recovering educational games is essential, because not everything can be learned through screens. Although technological innovation is very important and necessary, especially for children of this generation who are digital natives, educational games use the five senses and develop the imagination in a powerful way.


Why are games good for children?

Games, especially educational games, should be part of children’s lives, whether in the classroom or at home, because they promote children’s cognitive ability and help them develop skills such as memory, concentration, self-esteem , imagination and social development.

There are games that invite physical interaction and that, thereby, promote motor skills . In the first years of life, when the little ones have to develop their whole organism, these physical games allow them to measure their capacities and enhance coordination and the sense of balance.

In the case of board games, the main positive aspect is that they develop memory capacity. These games require memorization, patience and perseverance to be successful, which shows young children that these skills are essential for life, for example, when taking exams.


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Educational games, an offer that does not stop growing

For years we have seen how the gaming industry does not stop growing, and it is something curious, because while new technologies and mobile devices are imposed, traditional games continue to make their way.

This is due, in part, to the awareness of adults, whether they are parents or those responsible in schools, who have understood that this learning formula should not be lost, because it has a very important pedagogical potential in the classroom and in the family environment. From promoting observation to increasing concentration and attention, as well as logical abilities, these tools serve to introduce in the small values and skills necessary for their development and their day-to-day life in the future.

More and more schools are betting on playful learning through educational games , hence its success today.


* Article written by: Sara Domínguez

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