Teaching is the only profession that creates all the others

Teaching covers one of the greatest responsibilities in the formation of society after the family, which is none other than to train the little ones and young people on their path to development and the future. Whoever decides to choose teaching as a profession has in their hands something as important as training future professionals and adults, capable of living in a peaceful world and of being able to undertake each of the responsibilities that comes with growing up and having to advance along the path of life, with the best possible training.

That is why it is very important that families support and understand the work of teachers , because it is about the education and training of their children and their future successes or failures. In other words, that support and that combination between families and institutions is the only one capable of making the integral formation of the student possible and effectively.





Education: everyone’s responsibility

Teachers are trained with the very important conviction to train others in tomorrow, something that is essential for the functioning and well-being of any society. Therefore, they must be motivated as much as possible with adequate spaces to teach classes, remuneration according to their effort and additional benefits that encourage their work if necessary. And it is that a profession that is responsible for training all the others has to be valued , respected and attended accordingly.

In much of the world, teachers, especially the most vocational, appear in classrooms with enthusiasm, happy and eager to work to educate others, despite low pay, work overload, and the feeling of not being to be valued for their effort… in short, of all the obstacles that society puts in the effective and quality exercise of this work.

Perhaps we should not forget that teachers are not superheroes, and that beyond their motivation, their commitment and their illusion, optimal conditions are needed to practice and to be able to educate in fair working conditions . And it is that the reality of the quality of teaching, infrastructures, staff and others, directly affects the training of students and their possibilities to advance and learn to the fullest, without this also having to be the direct responsibility of the teachers.


The responsibility of the teacher towards the student

But the teacher, no matter how difficult things are, has a series of obligations as well and we cannot forget them. When we speak of the teacher’s responsibility towards the student , we are not only referring to their discipline, perseverance, ethical commitment and exemplary behavior, which are intrinsic values of educational teaching, but also to other aspects such as the following:

  • The educator’s social commitment.
  • The creation of values.
  • The formation of the personality and the ability to teach to make correct decisions.
  • The fact of fostering creativity and imagination.
  • Be able to promote critical and reflective thinking.
  • Adapt knowledge using the tools provided by new information technologies.
  • Promote empathic relationships and promote teamwork.


Despite the evolution of teaching and its mechanisms and methods, with advances among which technology is of course incorporated, today more than ever educators are indispensable in the teaching process and will continue to be so forever. that they should not be asked for more, but to make their task easier by valuing their work and their daily effort and making available means to be able to carry out all that important task.





How to help in the educational challenge

The attitude and development of the teacher are essential for the future of the students, and to achieve this, constant updating and the application of new techniques are necessary to teach learning effectively. This also requires training, workshops and work tables for teacher training, as well as workshops or information days for families and for all those doubts that may arise. That is why the education system and school authorities must provide the appropriate tools to help teachers professionally face the challenges that arise, including, if necessary, grant them that mention of state authority that they enjoy another type of professionals whose work is destined to serve and care for the citizen.

The teacher by conviction will always look for the alternative of educating himself and updating as he should, even on his own, but the reality is that a teacher, as the saying goes, “if he does what he should be, he is not obliged to do more” it happens with any other profession. That is why we must thank them for each initiative and value their effort and their intention to continue learning . In this way we will be able to give even more value to what Voltaire already said: “There is always someone so intelligent who learns from the experience of others”…, and yes, teachers are those humble and unique beings capable not only of teaching, but also to learn for years from each and every one of his students.


Could there be anything more beautiful?


I think your job is excellent, being a teacher is the most, the love of children I am a teacher and I love my profession, right now I am doing a degree in educational management of private basic education through my experience, that is, systematization of experience

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congratulations for this article returns me to the wonderful years of my childhood and the responsibility and respect for my teachers. they loved going to school as a source of recreation and knowledge. GERMAN SABOGAL

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