4 reasons why getting dirty while playing is good

“Stains teach us to live” was the slogan of a well-known detergent brand, and it was loaded with reason. For many reasons, getting dirty while playing, or rather, not worrying about getting dirty while playing, is positive. Let our children enjoy their leisure that the washing machine will do the rest. For all these reasons that we give you below and some more, allow children to get stained, nothing happens:

It’s good for your immune system

If your child is looking for insects in the park and scratches his face with his hand stained with dirt, the world is not ending, you are simply helping to build healthier defenses . Being dirty while playing or playing sports is normal. All medical studies agree that such an obsession with hygiene is not good, and on the other hand, running, jumping and playing in the park is very healthy.

They know the world around them

Crawling, stepping on puddles, collecting leaves or climbing are ways of recognizing the environment in which they live and, therefore, learning to survive and defend themselves. It is essential for their development that they experience in the first person by literally touching their surroundings. And above all, that they know the dangers and thus know what their limits are.  

Release tensions

Feeling the freedom to play without being aware of whether or not your pants get stained is perfect for relaxing and concentrating on what you are doing . How are we going to stop the ball if we can’t hit the ground? Or how do you make “puddings” if you can’t touch the sand? Please let them laugh while they climb, let them knead the dirt, feel what it is like to lie on the grass or throw stones into the puddles even if they get splashed. Limiting your movements so as not to get dirty can cause stiffness and even affect the evolution of language, since spoken language is preceded by body language.

They develop their creativity

The park, the patio, the street, the beach and even the balcony. A child can imagine a house, a shop or a road anywhere. And without the need for expensive toys. A few stones or clothespins are enough to invent a little world. Encouraging our children while they make boats out of branches in a pot of water is to awaken their ingenuity and ensure that fantasy is present in their lives.

So now you know, worry about buying clothes that are comfortable, and if you are going to go to a place that can get more dirty than normal, you better take the most used clothes you have. It does not hurt to always carry a change of clothes in case it gets too wet to avoid cold. And when we get home we finish with a good shower that cleanses and also relaxes to go to bed remembering the adventures we have experienced. Be happy!

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