Bringing children closer to nature so that they appreciate and respect their environment is essential for their training . In addition, in this way, it will be easier for them to feel love and empathy for animals, which will make them loving and conscientious human beings, away from abuse and hatred.

Movies are a great way to get up close to other life, and animals are no exception. There are hundreds of feature films that deal with animals but we cannot put them all here, so we have made a small selection that we think is essential and that surely makes the smallest of the house empathize with all kinds of creatures, from the most popular to the most popular. wild or those that do not enjoy much popularity such as insects.  

Stuart Little

A charming little mouse that interacts with real human beings thanks to computer animation is the protagonist of this funny story. The Little family adopt Stuart as their son and from then on everything is an adventure. Different and emotional.

Finding Nemo

Magical and as deep as the ocean itself. Nemo is a clownfish who is caught by divers on the reef. His father, too protective and fearful of life itself, must face the unknown to rescue him. Essential.

Bee Movie

Barry B. Benson is a recent college graduate bee who is not content to work at Honex, the New Hive company. Original, vindictive and
differently, when approaching the sensations that a bee can have, nothing more and nothing less. This movie will delight your children as well as you.

The Lion King

A visual spectacle that shows us how strength is in each one of us and that friendship is a treasure that helps us in the worst moments. You have to see it, mourn it and enjoy it. Wonderful.


This particular doctor can talk to animals and that makes them look for all kinds of creatures, desperately, to solve their problems. Eddie Murphy is a great, burdened doctor who will make us laugh from start to finish. Highly recommended.


A Saint Bernard puppy that comes to a family to upset their lives. Everything will change and, although at first you have to adapt, everyone will end up loving Beethoven. This tender story gave for 6 more parts that you probably have to do with your children ūüėČ

The jungle book

Based on the beautiful storybook by Rudyard Kipling, it tells how a baby lost by his parents in the jungle is raised by a pack of wolves and grows up among wild animals. Characters such as Baloo the bear, the Bagueera panther, the feared trige Shere Kan or the Kaa snake, accompany Mowgli in this Disney adventure in which the songs remain in the head as much as the exciting story he tells us.


Paris is the setting where a rat, yes, a rat, delights us with his love of cooking and his gift for doing better than many humans. With the motto “Anyone can cook” we will enter the world of Remy, we will learn the secrets of a luxury restaurant and what it means to be different from your family and follow your passion. Moving like few others.

Babe, the brave little pig

Set on a farm, it recounts the adventures of Babe, a pig whose dream is to be a sheepdog. Honest, cute and funny, children will be amazed watching animals speak like humans and will accompany Babe in his endeavor, to discover if he finally achieves his goal. We have to see it!

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