Technique: The peace table to resolve conflicts

In nursery and primary school classrooms there are many times conflicts between classmates that trigger anger and hateful emotions and lack of respect for each other. The following technique allows you to help them resolve these conflicts , preventing their own emotions from overwhelming them and ending up in the form of a volcano.


Peace Table Technique

To perform the peace table technique we will need a table with several chairs for children and some specific objects:

  • Hourglass or counter. This object will be used to give each child the turn to speak, each one being able to explain what has happened.
  • Anti stress ball or sensory mass. That way they will be able to calm down while being touched and groped, while they calm down and prepare to give their explanation during their shift.
  • An object that symbolizes peace. We will try to internalize the idea of unity and peace in the children. We can use anything that represents a union between all the companions, such as toy figures that work as a team (for example, the canine patrol).
  • A bell or a bell. When they believe that the conflict is resolved between them, they must ring the bell to end the process.


Method of acting in the classroom

When we have to solve a conflict between colleagues, we should invite them to sit quietly at the table , being able to take the time they need to do so. Once seated, each of them will have their turn to speak to explain why they have those feelings and to be able to express themselves freely so that the others hear their part. While a child is speaking, he should use the stress ball or sensory mass to suppress possible angry or rage emotions. After the hourglass time is over, you should pass the materials to the next partner.

Then, after the first round, there will be a second round for the children to propose a possible solution to the conflict . In the event that they cannot do so, especially when they are kindergarten students or in the first grades of primary school, we must help them by proposing these possible solutions.

In any case, it is always advisable for children to find their own solution for themselves, since that way they will learn to resolve conflicts long before they occur.

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