The two-year-old girl who can read, write and play the piano

Yes, it might seem like a fake news story that swarms the network at all hours, but the truth is that it is not about that, but about a completely real case that was shared yesterday, June 11, by all the Spanish news reports , country of origin of the girl we want to talk about today.

Many times we debate the issue of whether it is necessary for children to learn to read and write before the age of six or not, as some specialists suggest, or what are the ways in which parents or teachers can check if a child is gifted , and in reality things tend to be simpler than all that. When a child has the ability to learn early, or extremely early as in this case, he will, we adults give him the turns we give him.

Claudia Aranda González, who lives in Almuñécar (Granada) and is two and a half years old, learned to read before her first birthday , astonishingly for everyone, including her parents. But that’s not all, because his capacity for learning has not ceased since then and he already knows how to write, place rivers and countries on maps, can describe and attribute works of art to their authors, can play the piano and compose his own poems. .

Her parents confirm that before she was one year old Claudia began to demand more and more knowledge , which she was able to learn in just fifteen minutes. From his book of Micho readings, he soon went to books corresponding to primary levels and shortly after to writing. A learning capacity that, according to her own mother Sandra González, led her parents to study at night in order to continue teaching their little girl new things.



Source: Public Daily



An IQ above average

The medical reports to which the girl was subjected yielded important data, such as that Claudia has an IQ of 146 , that is, well above the common that is around 120 and 130. This does not mean either that the The case of this girl is unique in the world, of course, but it does show that when a boy has such high potential, it is necessary to carry out an important process of motivation and learning based not so much on age as on own abilities.

Claudia, whose abilities are crossing borders, is a girl like any of her age, with a sympathetic smile and eyes full of innocence and dreams, but her precocious talent makes everyone who meets her jaw drop. In just seconds, Claudia can recognize a painting from an art book and compose phrases in English in an application, plays a repertoire of about 20 songs on the piano , places numerous towns in the world on maps … A whole body of knowledge that could be exceed even the primary level, as in their musical ability and dexterity, and that lead us to reflect again on whether the educational system is prepared to welcome children with these precocious abilities.

It is true that this issue of giftedness often generates certain questions, such as those related to the fact that an excess of such precocious knowledge can subtract magic from that stage of childhood that is so important and that never returns. Although that is not a problem for Claudia either, that although she will have her first book of poems published before she is three years old , she still finds time to play with her parents in the “beautiful park”, with the same enthusiasm and the same enthusiasm with the one that seems to learn more and more every day.



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