Children's literature, an enriching way to learn while having fun

Today, information on online psychology abounds, so that at any time we can find out on the Internet about the benefits that any type of activity brings to our psychological well-being. Well, in the following lines we are going to talk about how beneficial children’s literature can be for the little ones.

These are some benefits of children’s literature

Among many other benefits, of children’s literature it should be noted that it is an activity that reinforces the relationship between the reader, who can be a parent, a teacher, therapist, etc., and the child, making the bond closer between the two.

In this way, a relationship between the two is created in which fantasy mediates, thus being able to share and experiment with emotions and languages that would not appear otherwise. Thus, the book would become a third party that acts as a mediator in the relationship between the two, becoming an obligatory meeting point for primary intersubjectivity to emerge.

Through literature and oral tradition, the appearance of language and its establishment are promoted, giving rise to a more extensive vocabulary and a recognition, both in oneself and in others, of different emotions and experiences that will later be reflected in the ability to act with greater empathy and assertiveness.

It must be taken into account, in turn, that literature is a activity that stimulates the imagination, provides information and gives the possibility of reaching where circumstances limit us in principle. With books you can get to know both the closest and the most distant world.
beneficios lectura niños
Children’s stories feature simple narratives, which helps to improve children’s comprehension and communication skills. And not only this, but also, this type of narration serves to develop and improve the vocabulary of the little ones and to achieve greater relaxation in them, making them more attentive and receptive when they listen to these stories.


Reading as a family is much more than reading

Do not forget that reading as a family strengthens the family relationship, both between siblings and between parents and children. It is a good and beautiful way to spend time together, but it is also an opportunity to let the little ones know what is happening to them even if they cannot read, using the images. The elderly, for their part, have the possibility of bringing out the actor they carry inside when they read.

There are many reasons why reading is especially important, but without a doubt one of the main reasons is the vocabulary that is acquired. Well, with children’s literature it is exactly the same, since children learn words, metaphors, synonyms and unusual syntactic constructions through the language used in these stories.

It is a type of literature designed especially for the little ones, so they acquire a more precise language and expand vocabulary, while they are immersed in a whole learning process without even realizing it. And 15 minutes of children’s literature a day is enough to achieve all these benefits that we have seen.

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