If you have ever had the opportunity to study a foreign language for some time, surely you have reached that moment where you can understand what you hear, but still you are not able to launch yourself into speaking in that language. Well, the same thing happens to babies with their own language.

When we are parents, especially first-time ones, we really want our little one to say a word (which will surely be mom or dad), and after this first one we are eager for him to say others and even surprise us soon with a phrase. But the truth is that no matter how in a hurry we are as parents to start talking, each child is a different world and may need a different time from the rest of the children around them. So do not fear and read carefully this simple schedule that we have made on the process of language learning in babies from 12 to 24 months.



  • 1 to 40 words

Once the child pronounces his first word, it will be followed by others that he is used to hearing: mom, dad, grandfather, poop, tete … According to experts, these single words will accumulate until 30 or 40, so that it will not be until that moment that the child can begin to sketch a short sentence. As soon as he begins to join some words with others , it will mean that our little one begins to master his ability to express himself, but if it takes a long time to join the words do not hurry, since the skill in expression is not related to the ability to understand. which usually develops earlier. Exactly the same as when we are faced with a new language, as we said.

  • The language of gestures

If your child is one of those who have already reached one year and still have hardly said a word, try playing with him and finding out if he can understand what you are saying . Play to touch his foot, to find his nose, to point to mom or dad … and with this you will realize that even if he does not express it yet, he already knows how to recognize a lot of words.

  • Intelligible words

Talking is not always synonymous with understanding what one says, and this can happen normally up to about a year and a half, at which point most children often have a larger vocabulary that can hold up to 100 words. or more. In any case, if you have reached a year and a half you still cannot understand your little one, do not be alarmed, because the number of children who each year exceed twenty months without saying a single word is quite high.


After two years of age, it begins to be less frequent and it is time to consider the possibility that our child may be suffering from problems in vocalization or in the articulation of the mouth , which we must find out by consulting a specialist such as the ENT.

In any case, never forget that each person is different, and this of course also applies to children. Each child has their own language development skills , so let them play with sounds and words at their own pace, and time will take care of the rest.

And how to do with speech therapy when your child is already over 12 years old would be good and I will thank you for the recommendation and God bless you.

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Very good, the following is to ask my child is two years old and pronounces very few words, what can be done or at most how many years can they speak?

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