A child with Asperger's is expelled from a classroom in Argentina

The San Antonio de Padua school in Argentina has sadly become famous these days, for the expulsion of a child with Asperger’s Syndrome. A piece of news that highlights the scarce knowledge that still exists about this disorder, as well as the lack of empathy and solidarity that continues to be present in this XXI century. An intolerance that is also supported by the cowardice and lack of transparency that many people practice under the cover of social networks.

This expulsion has been completed after a period of time in which another famous group of WhatsApp mothers began to question the advisability of this child sharing class with their children. The conversations, which have been leaked and are now public on the network, confirm how the limits are exceeded in these WhatsApp groups, to the point of almost bordering on criminality.

Some mothers of the child’s classmates were putting more and more pressure on the religious school of San Antonio de Padua, after which the school finally agreed to change the child to another class and blaming him for being the cause of a problem that not even exists.

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Although almost more than the fact, what is truly shocking are the terms with which these mothers exerted their pressure, rejoicing and openly celebrating the fact that this child was finally taken away from their children. Phrases like, “what great news” or, “a relief for ours”, are just some examples of the atrocities that this group of WhatsApp mothers came to utter regarding the child with Asperger syndrome .

Fortunately, social networks also serve to denounce and expose such sad and inconceivable cases as this one. It was the child’s own family, outraged not only with the attitude of the mothers of the other children, but also with that of the school itself, who decided to make this matter public, which has already gone viral and which hopefully will serve as an example for analyze where our educational system and our value system really are. To know, in short, what world is exactly the one that we are leaving to the little ones.


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Photo from El País

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