The importance of teaching children the value of things

Values are learned at home and it is important that from a young age we instill in our children that the true value of things is not the material cost, but the effort they have cost us and the love we have for them.

This will make them really appreciate everything around them , from the house where they live to the notebook they use at school.

In this way they will learn to take care of the environment, to be organized with their belongings, to respect the property of others and, most importantly, not to need so much. Because by avoiding the spiral of consumerism in which we are involved, the child learns to conserve, care for, repair and recycle. Actions that will make you a happy and environmentally conscious citizen , living without that unhealthy need to consume that only leads to a feeling of permanent dissatisfaction.


How can we let our children know the value of things?

We give you 5 tips that will surely be very useful for this, plus you will have fun putting them into practice:

  1. Craft a treasure box
    Get them used to keeping their “special memories” in a box, whether on a walk, an excursion or a trip, have them collect things that mean something to them or they simply like: a stone with a special shape, a cut of some magazine, an entry from a site they visited… They can collect their treasures in a box that they have decorated to their liking by painting it, sticking colored cutouts, stickers, as they prefer and wish.
  2. When it’s time to give away … do something manual
    Get them used to making crafts to give as gifts. It is very enriching. There are many options: a doll, a bag, a photo with a frame made by us, a personalized box to store things or a notebook with a cover designed by us unique and special. On Pinterest, for example, we can find thousands of DIY ideas to give away without resorting to the recurring purchase in the store. Also the gift wrapping can be recycled with newspaper, for example. Surely we can come up with many cool and beautiful ideas.
  3. Create a personal stamp for things
    Making a seal that adorns everything that belongs to them is a way that if something breaks or is lost, it will no longer be the same to replace it, so the perception of that object changes and inevitably more care will be taken and it will be valued more .
  4. That every reward has a why
    Let’s avoid giving gifts for giving or just because we want to or they ask us to. Let’s try that each gift has a positive meaning beyond the material.
  5. Preach by example
    That your children see that you do not waste, that you do not buy without real need, that you compare prices and that you take care of your belongings is essential. They will get used to acting like this without realizing it. Let’s take the opportunity to reduce waste and create ecological awareness.

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