We live in a technological age in which everything is digitized and in which both children and adults seem to live totally dependent on multiple devices that often make life easier , even in schools. But such technology, misused and focused, carries a series of very dangerous risks, especially for children, so it is very important not to abandon the debate about children’s addiction to screens and what we should and can do so that does not happen.

Frequent use, especially for more than eight hours a day, to devices such as Tablets, iPods, Smartphones or video consoles, is bringing consequences of hyper excitement, violence, depression or even compulsive behaviors in the daily attitude of children , which should not leave us indifferent, but quite the opposite.




Let’s take a closer look at this social problem below, which has a solution.



What happens in the brains of children addicted to screens

First of all, it pays to know when a child is addicted to screens. This happens when an anxious behavior is evident in him or her when removing him from said screens or devices. An addicted child does not know exactly how to behave when he is not playing video games, which can cause him to become depressed, assault others or even suffer from certain psychotic disorders (in the most serious cases), that is, lose contact with reality easily.

As is well known by all, much research on brain imaging, among others, today shows us that the abusive use of screens affects the cerebral cortex of the brain . This is the part that controls impulses, memory, attention, perception, language, thought and consciousness, and affects in the same way as addiction to toxic substances, such as alcohol or drugs. . For this reason, parents must be very attentive and always monitor a responsible use of technology in the little ones, regulating the time and proper use of them.



How to avoid kids’ screen addiction

To avoid an addiction, whatever it is, the most logical thing seems not to approach those objects or substances that can cause it, however this is more difficult with technology, since it is certainly very useful and makes life easier in many ways . That is precisely why it is so important that we educate awareness about its proper and brief use , which does not seem like a simple matter in our society.




We cannot forget either that it is very easy for an uncle, a neighbor or a grandfather (or sometimes the parents themselves) to provide a screen to the little ones so that they calm down or do not bother, something that can happen since they are almost babies, for what such education on the use of screens should be done almost from the beginning of the children’s lives.

That is why parents must be very firm and participatory in the education of their children, and for this it is recommended that the child is not induced to consume screens before the age of 12 . This should indicate that before those ages it is not appropriate to have your own electronic devices, and that those that should be used for things like school, are always in a public space of the house and / or that they are supervised by adults.

But in addition to this, we can educate the little ones on the importance of books or other entertainment media, and above all set an example and put our phones aside as well. Teach your little ones to read physical books, to enjoy the park, to play with the ball, to enjoy a good live soccer game or to let them run the risk of falling off their bike, because falling is getting up and learning. All this, in addition, will give an extra skill to the little ones, which is to learn to interact with others and with their environment far from virtual reality.

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