At the beginning of the school year, parents always look for different ways to help their children, especially in terms of how to strengthen their memory and improve their concentration , and here are several tips to achieve this.


Eating tips

  • Sugar is the main food that improves the performance of the different parts of the brain responsible for concentration and thinking. There is a problem that consuming large amounts of refined sugars can cause obesity, so it is better to ingest it naturally through fruits . Oranges, grapes, bananas or apples have the highest proportion of sugar.
  • Vitamins are also essential to improve memory by keeping it activated. Eating foods high in vitamin C such as tangerines, oranges, strawberries, kiwi or pineapple are one of the best ways to get them, in addition to having antioxidants and protecting us from colds .
  • Apples, bananas, or grapes are also one of the best types of fruits that can be eaten in the morning to increase concentration .
  • We must accustom our children to eat a variety of salads , with different types of lettuce and including foods such as cucumbers, carrots or tomatoes, which contain large amounts of antioxidants. We can season it with a sauce, for example cheese, so that it attracts the child more and is more showy.
  • Nuts or foods with wheat are foods that help strengthen memory. Giving them a few nuts will be more than enough.
  • Cut down on greasy fast food , soda, and other harmful industrial foods.
  • Reduce unnatural sweets, that is, all those with artificial colors and preservatives.

solucionar los problemas de memoria

Focus aid exercises and games

  • Play to order lists , objects or numbers in ascending and descending order by counting them.
  • Make a play on antonyms , such as hot and cold, happy and angry, rough and smooth, and so on.
  • Ask him to draw anything that sparks his imagination , such as the best animal you can imagine, and ask him to paint it.
  • Sound games , imitating voices or sounds and finding out what it is about.
  • Play words that start with a letter or contain something specific, such as a certain color or shape.
  • Games like chess or even card or crossword games.

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