A very common situation for many parents is to verify that their children do not seem to like to read and that they always do it in a minimal way to be able to fulfill their tasks in class. As parents, we know that the fact that they develop respect and interest in reading is fundamental and vital so that they also develop fluency, learn to understand what they read and can enjoy being avid readers in the future, but how do they become can you help from home? How can parents encourage them to read more often?

It is true that reading is the key to success in all school subjects , so it is logical that parents will be concerned if they observe that their son or daughter is not developing positive feelings towards reading. However, with just a little creativity, you can help your little ones enjoy reading more and spend more time in their day doing it.

Do you want to know how?


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Tricks to encourage children with reading


  • Make it a fun time

Find, buy or borrow a good number of fun or themed books that children enjoy the most, such as books about crazy adventures, Halloween (nice and friendly) or snot. Choose books that are relatively easy for your children to read or, in other words, those that are slightly below their reading ability level . Choose topics based on their interests: sports, sleepovers, wild animals, insects, etc. Choose a mystery, a joke book, books about current movie stars or athletes… or even comic books.

But whatever you choose, don’t comment on them at home, just leave them somewhere where your kids can safely and assiduously see them. To become a great reader a child takes a lot of practice, so if you can easily find the books that appeal to you the most, you will be more interested in getting that all-important practice. A practice that is needed so that, after that, you also want to read other more complex books. Do not always leave books locked in inaccessible cabinets or shelves , because the things that we need are always much closer to hand. Or think … where do you usually keep your mobile?


  • Let them discover the library

Go to the library one day and make your own card for your children. Try to take them to the library at least once a week and let them participate in the children’s activities that are organized. There is nothing that children like more than going to places and activities where they can have fun. Many libraries offer classes and courses to teach children how to use all the resources available and at their fingertips , so don’t hesitate to find out. And, above all, always try to take the little ones to the library on beautiful days, such as Fridays (as this will make them associate it with the positive), and without haste of any kind.


  • Help them choose their console and computer games

Yes, how you hear it. If nowadays it seems almost impossible for a child not to approach computer games or consoles, at least let us use the occasion to their advantage, which can be done, for example, by helping them to choose certain titles. Take advantage of your children’s love for these types of games and buy them those that are suitable for their age, of course, and that require a lot of reading to play.


  • Always have reading material at home

Place a box of books and magazines near the kitchen table to access the reading material, or near the sofa in the living room … Do not forget that for something to become a pleasant routine it has to be something that is available daily and very accessible, also for the little ones. Try to read comfortably on Saturday afternoon with some snacks , as if you were going to see a movie, and soon your little ones will realize that it must be a very beautiful and comfortable activity if their parents do it.


  • Encourage reading at bedtime

Put your little ones a funny or cute reading lamp by the bed. Tell them that from now on, when they go to bed, they will be able to read for a while on their own until they fall asleep. Most kids will do just about anything to get away with not going to sleep, so this possibility may come as a real prize. Make sure that bedtime is long enough so that reading time doesn’t rob them of sleep, and who knows, you might start a new bedtime reading habit that will last forever.


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  • Don’t stop reading to your children

Often, once children learn to read independently, parents stop reading to them. This change in routine causes great sadness to a child who has come to adore that moment of falling asleep while listening to the voice of his parents with a good story. Select books together to make sure they like them too and so that you always enjoy them as you read them.


  • Observe that there are no other problems

Some children do not like to read because they have poor eyesight or an undetected learning disability. Observe and learn to look for signs of potential problems when in doubt. For example, does your child rub his eyes a lot after reading? Do you complain of frequent headaches? Do you get easily frustrated or angry trying to read? If you observe any of these problems in a child, make an appointment with your pediatrician to be checked or with an optometrist to perform a complete eye exam.


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