Educating is a privilege, a kind of lottery that is exhausting as well as full of happiness, and in which all help is welcome.

Today we recommend 15 films that reflect moments in the lives of children and educators, all different, each with its charm and its teaching. You have to see them calmly and reflect, stay with the positive and learn from the negative. They are also great to watch with teenagers and, if possible, discuss them at the end.


  1. The indomitable Will Hunting (Good Will Hunting): A classic by Matt Damon and Robin Williams, which although it has been seen, allows a second review. It tells the story of a gifted boy with few resources who is discovered by a teacher, and is overwhelmed by the situation of improvement that takes him out of his comfort zone and avoids as best he can. An unconventional teacher will be in charge of talking to him.


  1. The Wild Children (Els Nens Salvatges): Raw and realistic film about three teenagers who share friendship and feeling misunderstood by their parents. Unexpected and interesting insight into the relationship of adults with children.


  1. Captain Fantastic (Captain Fantastic): Recent almost in theaters yet, inspiring story about a widowed father and educates her six children from society and nature. To see it without prejudice and enjoy it a lot.


  1. The club of dead poets (Dead poets society): Magical story in which a teacher encourages his students through poetry to pursue their dreams and never give up their freedom. Enough argument to see it and not forget it.


  1. The Wave (Die Welle): A teacher decides to experiment with his students so that they understand what fascism is and under what circumstances it develops. When he realizes it is too late. Most valuable as an observatory of human behavior.


  1. The language of the butterflies : The Spanish civil war ideologically separated brothers and neighbors. This is the moving story of a very special teacher in a very small town who is shaken by the hatred of warfare. Precious.


  1. Whiplash: Demanding to what extent? Where is the limit? With this fast-paced narrative about a drummer student and his teacher, you are sure to rethink the levels of demand. Rhythm in the music and in the script.

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las mejores peliculas para educar

  1. The forbidden education: Jewel documentary that compiles testimonies and experiences about unconventional educational currents. Essential.


  1. The class (Entre les murs): All the conflicts that can occur in a classroom in today’s France. Marginalized students and a teacher who struggles to bring out the best in them. Masterly.


  1. Living is easy with eyes closed : This does not happen in a classroom, but in a very special journey that unites three people who flee and let themselves go. Pretty and very tender.


  1. Rebellion in the Classrooms (To sir, with love): Sidney Poitier is a young engineering student who faces a problematic class in which he ends up getting involved to get his students out of mediocrity.


  1. Street Diaries : Based on real events, it tells how a young and idealistic teacher finds herself in front of a class in California in the ’90s just after the interracial confrontations took place. Invite your students to write their experiences in a journal. They are reluctant at first, but will eventually give up completely.


  1. The boys of the choir (Les Choristes): In 1948, in a reeducation center for minors, an unemployed music teacher came to work who will change the lives of these troubled children forever by teaching them choral singing and music.


  1. Professor Holland : A musician who discovers that his vocation is teaching and that fills the classes with melody while using a not very conventional but effective pedagogy. Beautiful film.


  1. Men, women and children (Men, women and children): It tells the experiences of a group of adolescents and their parents at the same time, which teaches us how social networks and the internet affect them. The different points of view of the protagonists are very valuable, great to get closer to intergenerational relationships today.


I suggest you watch “The Man Without a Face” .- Mel Gibson.

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It seems important to mention GOD IS NOT DEAD. Teachers are not always right.

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SCHOOL OF ROCK is another movie where a teacher discovers the talent that students have hidden.

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It is a very emotional movie. I recommend it.

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There is a super movie called “every child is special” or in Spanish, each child is special.

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The movie Every child is special, it’s great.

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I recommend, CHAIN OF FAVORS ..

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Music of the heart (1999) with Meryl Streep and the Brazilian Tudo we learn together (2015) are two beautiful films by music teachers and stories of overcoming. Highly recommended!

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I recommend “Beyond the blackboard”, you will like it.

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The schoolboy a very good movie.

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Stars from heaven to earth

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In Front of the Class … It’s a very good movie about a teacher with Tourette’s Sindorme

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“Free writers.” It is another very good film of this theme. Regards.

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I also recommend the movies: Take the Lead (Let go, The Breakfast Club (The Club of Five), Dangerous Minds (Dangerous Minds)

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