1. The same as always … always the same?

Habits, the things we do over and over again, such as riding a bicycle, the way to school, sewing, or even more complex aspects, that we are not even aware of happening, such as reading, paying attention, staring, direct the movement of the eyes from left to right, translate the symbols that are letters, words, phrases, the text in their mental representation of meaning … they are part of our memory and are the most difficult knowledge to forget.

Even after a serious memory problem, habits acquired with time and practice tend to remain. Therefore, we can take advantage of these daily routines so as not to forget such important things as reading for a while a day, doing homework, taking out the trash …

2. Very long numbers

This trick is useful whenever we want to memorize a long number, such as telephones, amounts of money … It consists of grouping parts of the number to have fewer units to remember.

3. What a story!

Making up stories is another idea to keep in mind when memorizing a group of words. The idea is to make up a story with all the words you want to remember. It does not matter if the story does not make sense, the important thing is that it impacts, that it catches our attention, that it be fun. Play with your child to make up a story and, when it is finished, invite him to imagine the scene with all kinds of details.

4. Method of places

Another mnemonic rule, which is to use a route that is well known, such as the one they do every day from home to school. Used to remember lists of names. For this, we can propose a route that we know very well.

5. First is what counts

This trick is a useful mnemonic for remembering a list of names. It consists of remembering the first letter of each word and thus forming a new word. If we analyze what we are doing, we will see that it consists of keeping one unit in our warehouse, instead of six, something much more expensive for our memory. For example, if I have to remember the words: folder (C) – pencil (L) – book (L) – computer (O) – pencil sharpener (S), we can remember the word “calluses”. Much easier, right?

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