Online education gathers more followers every day due to the many advantages it has over traditional education, in addition to being an educational process much more adapted to the new times we live in, where the internet and new technologies dominate each and every one of the sectors. of the society. Studying at a distance means, consequently, access to knowledge and training opportunities hitherto denied to a very important part of the citizenry.

Online training allows you to study at a distance and improve your education with a greater capacity for self-management and flexibility, as well as representing a lower economic cost. These are the main advantages of accessing this type of education, but they are not the only ones, so we are going to see some other benefits, the most notable, of this study method.


What are the advantages of studying online?

Training via the internet allows you to study and work at the same time, or to engage in other tasks, such as caring for children or the elderly, household chores … so, among other things, age is not a problem , because in general lines when we are adults we cannot dedicate ourselves completely to study due to having numerous commitments to attend to, whether they are family, work or social.

By not having to go to class, the self-management of the times and schedules of dedication to this training is total, the student having the maximum freedom to decide, distributing their study hours according to their performance and availability. But, as this can become a problem that leads us to trust ourselves and not meet the objectives set, so as not to fall into the lack of constancy that can happen to bill at the end, the ideal is to establish a routine of our own to be responsible and stay motivated .

In this sense, studying online can be considered as another advantage, since this learning method encourages the student’s autonomy and it is she or he himself who manages their own learning process, with maximum time flexibility but reinforcing the capacity for effort and of responsibility .

Another very remarkable advantage is that we can choose a huge variety of online courses, since distances do not count, so we will not have to settle for only those that are offered near our place of residence, but we can choose any that interests us although it is imparted from the other side of the world.


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This new way of learning has helped immensely to promote continuous training, and more and more people are attracted by the possibility of continuing to learn new knowledge, keeping up to date with new technologies and venturing to explore new areas or improve those already known.

As the use of physical spaces and materials disappears, the prices of online training courses are always lower, being of zero cost if you access free online courses , such as those you will find in the following list ordered by study areas and that has updated training , so that the lack of financial resources is not an impediment to grow in knowledge.

Another important factor, especially for those who have other responsibilities, is saving time, because since travel is not necessary, one can dedicate every available minute to the course and study.



Tips for choosing a successful online course

There are numerous factors that you should not forget when you decide to choose a distance course, and all of them are very important for you to be able to complete it successfully. The first one is to know your priorities and your needs. For example, if you are a very organized and autonomous person, you will be interested in a type of course that offers you maximum flexibility. However, if you are one of those who need a little more pressure and motivation to get down to work, nothing better than having a tutor and a community of students where deadlines for activities are set or periodic checks are carried out.

Likewise, it is very important that you take into account your real availability, to choose a course that you can complete without too many problems and not end up leaving it due to lack of time. Take into account the deadlines and the estimated hours that you will have to dedicate, which are usually indicated in the courses themselves.

Another determining factor in most cases is financial resources, but in this sense, the wide selection of totally free courses that exist is always a valid and realistic alternative for anyone who wants to study.

Another important element that can help to choose one course or another is to know if there will be a tutor who can resolve doubts and what is their availability, their contact form, etc., especially when we delve into topics that we do not know, that we will need a little more help and it is always important to know that we can count on someone to solve those moments of uncertainty for us so that we do not end up frustrated and unmotivated. The ideal would be to be able to have tutors in real time through a chat .

Finally, do not forget that there are courses that will ask you for certain requirements, so you should make sure to select only those for which you are qualified. In addition, this required base will give you an idea of the level of the course and will not have to waste time with courses that are too elementary or access those for which we do not have the sufficient level.


* Text prepared by Israel Guerra


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