You don’t know what a child is who doesn’t eat well until it’s his turn. Discouragement overtakes us and it is very difficult not to throw in the towel or lose your temper. And it is that 3 meals a day arguing are capable of sinking the strongest and most taking into account the social pressure that seems to say: “you do not know how to do it”

Let’s start by clarifying that not all children eat the same and that even those who eat the best go through a stage of not eating as well.

There are tricks for them to eat a little better , put into practice the ones that you think will work for you and / or customize them to your taste and that of the little one. The ideas are always general because each child is different and we know ours better than anyone. Here they go:

Eat with him

Accompanying him with food and letting him see how we all eat the same or similar , even seeing us eat different things so that he is curious to try later, gives very good results. You can “set the table” and thus also feel responsible. It is important that it is comfortable and reaches your plate. If you are already sitting on the chairs, putting a cushion that raises it a little may be a good idea.  

Create a relaxed atmosphere

No television, no tablets, no mobiles . The time to eat has to be that, to eat and chat quietly. Experiment with food, touch it, smell it, feel it and practice with cutlery. At most we can put a calm background music that calms the atmosphere. Colorful tablecloths, funny plates and glasses that we can personalize with your name. Anything that distracts you and makes you feel happy is welcome.

Eat something from each food group

The child does not need to eat all the vegetables or all the legumes. If you only like lentils then eat lentils. The important thing is that you eat something from each food group. Sometimes we insist that he eat spinach, broccoli, and chard, when he only likes broccoli. Rest assured, if your menu is not very varied, little by little it will be . It’s a matter of patience and trying more things. Now it seems impossible to us but time is passing and we will see how its menu expands without realizing it.

Fantasy at lunchtime

Make up stories of a family of noodles, chickpeas that fly, or make him open his mouth to better hear what the fish in his belly says … Imagination to power.

Shop and cook with him

It is good to take him to do the shopping having previously made the list, and then finish helping in the kitchen. Observing, always very carefully, how food is processed is the best stimulant to later eat it.

Make the menus of the week

Depending on your age, you can collaborate by making menus for the week or be aware of the menu that we will post at your fingertips so you know what is playing today or what you are going to eat tomorrow. As always, the idea is for the child to participate and get involved, because that way everything is easier, they will also know the foods and understand that they have to eat a varied diet in which there is room for all meals: macaroni, white beans , the potato omelette and the flan, for example.

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