How to work on resilience with the little ones

Resilience is the ability of every human being to overcome and emerge stronger in the face of adversities that arise in life. In other words, it is something so important that it should take precedence in education, mainly because teaching children from an early age to work on resilience will help them feel less incapable or depressed in difficult circumstances and / or find original and effective solutions to challenging problems. and complexes that they may have throughout life.

But if it is not easy for adults to work on resilience for themselves, it will probably be more difficult to find adults capable of helping the little ones to do it. That is why the goal of our article today is to provide you with tools that help you work on resilience in children even though you are aware that it is not something simple.



Guidelines for working on the resilience of the little ones


  • Help children to have friends

The support of friends is very important when it comes to getting out of any kind of difficulty. That is why it is also important to teach the little ones to value friendship and to learn to develop a network of sincere and trustworthy friends at all stages of their life. When children are still young, you can already teach them the value of friendship through short stories that reflect that value and, although they may not yet understand the concept, they can get a good idea of it with them.

When the children are a little older, do not stop working on it and facilitate meetings with friends that strengthen their relationships as much as possible. Friendship allows us not to lock ourselves in a bubble , and that we are able to ask for support and trust others when we need it.



  • Teach them ways to collaborate and help

Children who seek to help others are always more supportive of others and know what empathy is even if they do not know how to write the word or define it. Helping another relieves your burdens a bit, and this is certainly beneficial in difficult times. In addition, this teaches children to accept the help of others as well, which can be very important at certain times.

Knowing how to put ourselves in the place of others eliminates ideologies and toxic behaviors such as hatred or violence, and allows us to be much more aware of the stones that life can put us all in the way, making us responsible for them.


  • Guide them so that they have goals and can achieve them

Discipline is important to achieve any goal in life. This can be created by formulating objectives and strategies to achieve them. In this way, the little ones will also realize that in life there are always difficulties and that the important thing is to learn to solve them without diverting the focus from what is really important, which is to live as well as possible.


  • Let them find in the game a way to break free

Kids need to play, so let them run around, get together with their friends, laugh and have fun, invite someone over for a snack… enjoy and socialize! All of this will provide them with a means to release stress and unwind , which in the long run can be a good balm against disorders related to anxiety and poorly managed problems and emotions. In this way, consequently, it also helps them learn to free themselves from toxic and limiting anxieties.



  • Encourage them to love and value themselves

The practice of good habits is a good way to learn to love ourselves , so teach children, for example, to sleep the necessary number of hours or to brush their teeth after meals with a daily routine. When they are sick, explain that the best way to help the body is by resting. Being aware of our own things and needs makes us responsible from childhood, as well as aware that not carrying out these guidelines or routines can lead to states and problems, such as nervousness in the matter of sleeping or the dentist in that of care of the teeth.


It may be that these kinds of things are not going to constitute (a priori) serious problems in life and that really big problems often do not depend on us, but it is true that working on these kinds of things with the little ones It will allow them to understand that most things have a solution, even if it is only with respect to the way we see them and affect us, and that we ourselves are in charge of making it happen. It is clear that you will not always be able to save them from all their problems, but things like discipline, trust, support or love will make it possible for them to see themselves with much more strength and determination in the future when facing any setback that them happen. And, of course, with supports and shoulders to lean on when you just need comfort.


Thank you for that article, it is really very important, I enjoy it and it helps me with the little ones

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